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About the AI Valuation Tool

First of its kind in Southeast Asia, the UCARS AI Valuation tool uses Artificial Intelligence to provide you with a valuation for your car based on current car listings in the market. With a machine learning model, we feed the AI tool with large amounts of data, such as registration date, number of owners, mileage, and car model of current car listings to get the most accurate data. With this, the AI can instantly generate an estimated value of your car.

Using the AI Valuation Tool

We are always feeding the tool with more information to give you the most accurate data possible across different car makes and models. Valuation prices are also based on how much used car dealers might be willing to purchase your car for, so you know what’s the fair amount you should be taking when dealing with a dealer. The valuation price you get may be lower than the price of cars listed. This is because dealers have to take into consideration repair costs, and the risk of waiting for a buyer to buy it over.

Getting Your Free AI Valuation

The AI Valuation tool is free for you to use, with no obligation for you to sell your car afterwards. UCARS developed the AI car valuation tool to be a game-changer for the automotive industry. Traditional methods of car valuation involved approaching different dealers, waiting for their response, and manually compiling and comparing quotes. This process often took days, whereas the UCARS AI valuation tool simplifies this process in a matter of a few clicks. Get your FREE car valuation today with Singapore’s best used car valuation tool.