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GoJek Rides To Install Internal Video Cameras

Indonesian ride-hailing service, GoJek, announced on July 15 that inward-facing video cameras will be installed in their cars. These devices can record audio and video footage which will be kept for one week maximum, and will be attainable only to the Land Transport Authority and the Singapore Police Force.

To ensure the safety and security across all users on the GoJek platform, every passenger will be notified in advance if their vehicle has a camera installed. Passengers are given the flexibility to opt out of the ride, should they feel uncomfortable being filmed.           

According to their representative, the decision to install these devices lies with the fleet owners, namely car rental companies which supply vehicles to private-hire operators such as Gojek and Grab, who will be footing the bill.

However, a representative for BIS Consortium, a firm that supplies “a few hundred” cars to Gojek, have expressed unwillingness to install the cameras even though “Gojek is encouraging us to”. In addition, at least two dozen middlemen are actively approaching passengers in a private chat on Telegram, offering fares up to 75 percent cheaper than those stated on the official Gojek app.

As reported by The Straits Times, some Grab drivers considered installing them, but eventually baulked at the price as each set costs between $600 and $700. Grab stated that none of their cars have the recorder and would not confirm if they would have them in future. Whereas taxi operators have yet to decide on whether to film their passengers.

Image Source: Mashable | GoJek

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