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Singapore Traffic Police Survey: Are You a Good Driver?

Singapore may be the second safest country in the world, however one place that Singaporeans do not feel safe, is on the roads. 

The nationwide survey conducted by the Traffic Police of 1,000 Singaporeans has found that less than half of Singaporeans (four in 10 people) feel safe on the road. The study involved various road user groups such as car drivers, cyclists and personal mobility device (PMD) users, taxi drivers, elderly pedestrians and parents of young children. 

Additionally, the findings released on July 6 revealed that 40 percent of respondents described themselves as feeling “stressed” on the road. 

A significant number of Singaporeans surveyed described road users negatively, with the findings published on 6 July showing: 

  • 62 percent said that road users were impatient
  • 44 percent described road users as aggressive
  • 39 percent described road users as discourteous 

Only 20 percent of surveyors described Singaporean road users positively, responding to words such as polite and gracious

A trend observed was when asked to rate themselves on a perceived personal level of safety and graciousness on the roads, respondents tended to rate themselves positively while other road users negatively. 

The findings showed that for car drivers, for instance, seven in 10 said they avoid tailgating, while eight in 10 said they indicate their signals early. However, only three in 10 car drivers felt others did the same.

These perception gaps were consistent across the board for all road users including motorcyclists, personal mobility device (PMD) users, and pedestrians. 

In response to the survey findings, Traffic Police has advised the public to not become complacent about road safety, and added that achieving road safety is a collective public effort. As part of Singapore Road Safety Month, a RoadSense Carnival was launched on July 6 (Saturday) at Ngee Ann City that aimed at encouraging road users to practice responsibility and graciousness to facilitate a safe and pleasant road user experience.

Source: Business Insider Singapore/CNA

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