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Premiere: The New Porsche 911

On 16 July 2019, the brand new Porsche 911 premiered at Singapore’s Suntec City Convention Centre. The Porsche 911 is a high-performance two-door coupé, rear-engined sports car made in Stuttgart, Germany. Originally designed by Ferdinand Butzi Porsche and first produced in 1963. Since then, Porsche has released seven generations of the 911.

After quenching our thirst with welcome drinks, attendees of the event were then ushered further into the convention hall to take a seat at the bleachers. Strobe lights danced across the hall as we patiently waited for the showcase to begin. 

Chattering died down together with the dimming of lights. The wall-sized LED screen displayed a countdown timer and twenty seconds of countdown boomed through the hall. Perched on the edge of our seats, we craned our necks and waited with bated breath. Mobile phone cameras and professional digital SLRs littered the air, all ready to capture what their eyes and minds were about to assimilate.


The evolution of the 911 was presented with a theme surrounding the concept of being ?Timeless?. Driving us through the story and timeline of the 911, each version of the car cruised across the hall for all to admire whilst performers danced to a hit song of its respective manufacturing year.


Image Credit: Porsche

The Evolution

1963: The original 911

1973: G Series

1988: 964 Series

1993: 993 Series

1997: 996 Series

2004: 997 Series

2011: 991 Series

2019: 992

Spec Sheet Porsche 992 Carrera S

After parading the 2011 series, our jaws dropped as the LED wall split open in the middle, panels sliding to the side, revealing a live band. As our eyes adjusted to the lights, we saw not one, but three stunning colours of the new 911 being ushered in. Introducing, the newest editions to the Porsche family. The new 911 in Dolomite Silver Metallic, Carrara White Metallic and Aventurine Green Metallic.

Porsche you’ve outdone yourselves yet again. Attendees were then given the rest of the night to get up close and personal with the cars. 

Congratulations to Porsche on the successful premiere event of the new 911! We can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve next.

Special thanks to Marquee Kars for the invitation and Porsche for the wonderful event and for supplying UCARS with information on the Porsche 992.

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