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The Ultimate Guide To Luxury Car Brands

When it comes down to the world of automotive, the categories, styles and types of vehicles are endless and even more pronounced with constant improvements being made. Among the bigger brand names that you commonly hear of, do you know which of them are classified as luxury cars?

Test out your knowledge in car brands or simply get familiar with them as we bring you a list of luxury car brands. While super luxury and luxury sports cars will not be considered, the list of luxurious cars will nonetheless sufficiently pique your interest.

1. Mercedes-Benz

Image Source: Mercedes Benz

Known for producing luxury vehicles, Mercedes-Benz is a German global automobile and a division of Daimler AG. Its vehicles were the first to have brakes on all four wheels, in 1924.

2. BMW

Image Source:

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, better known as BMW, produced aircraft engines when it was founded in 1916. Unlike most luxury car brands, BMW continues to manufacture parts of vehicles as old as the 1940s.

3. Cadillac

Image Source: Cadillac

An American carmaker, Cadillac belongs to General Motors Company (GM) and first introduced the electric starter.

4. Lexus

Image Source: Gear Patrol

Lexus is Toyota’s luxury vehicle division which revealed its first car in Cologne, Germany, instead of its birth country, Japan.

5. Audi

Image Source: Top Gear

The signature four-rings on Audi’s vehicle symbolize progressive engineering and is emblematic of the four previously independent automakers who banded together to form Audi – Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer.

6. Volvo

Image Source: Auto Trader

Volvo is a Latin word which means “I roll”, and was originally established as a ball bearing production company. The iconic three-point seat belt was invented by Nils Bohlin, an engineer at Volvo, in 1959 when seat belts were required.

7. Jaguar

Image Source: Autocar

Jaguar was founded as the Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922, making motorcycle sidecars before moving into the automobile production. Today, Jaguar is owned by Tata Motors, an Indian automotive company.

8. Acura

Image Source: Acura of Milford

Owned by the popular Japanese car maker, Honda, Acura is its luxury vehicle branch and was launched in the United States and Canada in 1986. Interestingly, Acura was initially known as Channell II.

9. Lincoln

Image Source: Chicago Auto Show

A close and fierce competitor of Cadillac for most of its existence, Lincoln is the luxury division of American manufacturer, Ford.

10. Land Rover

Image Source: Car and Driver

A British brand with four-wheel drive, Land Rover offers quality and luxurious sport-utility vehicles and is known for its boxy, off-road Land Rover series. Akin to Jaguar, Land Rover is owned by Tata Motors.

11. Tesla

Image Source: Business Insider

Widely known for its electric vehicles, Tesla is an American electric automaker and clean energy company. Tesla is now worth more than Fiat and 3 different Japanese car companies.

12. Chrysler

Image Source:

Hailed as one of the “Big Three” automobile producers in the United States, Chrysler was acquired by Fiat in 2014.

13. Infiniti

Image Source: Engadget

Another Japanese comrade, the Infiniti is the high-end division of Nissan and began selling its cars in North America. Many people would not have known that Infiniti cars sold in its home country are not branded the same way – but as Nissan.

14. Mini

Image Source: Carsales

Mini is a British automotive marque which was founded in 1969 and is owned by BMW since 2000. Its first version Mini did not have a radio but a huge ashtray because the Mini creator was a heavy smoker and felt that having a radio was unnecessary – thankfully times have changed!

15. Genesis

Image Source: alVolante

Genesis Motor LLC, commonly referred to as Genesis, is the luxury division of the South Korean automaker, Hyundai Motor Group. Although a relatively young brand launched just 5 years ago, Genesis is known as 2020’s most dependable automotive brand in North America by J.D. Power, an American-based data analytics and consumer intelligence company.

Owning a luxury car not only symbolises wealth and success but adds on to the felt luxury and comfort. In order for vehicles to be categorised as ‘luxurious’, there are high-end features that must be met along with better equipped performance capabilities than an average sedan. With no standard vehicle type nor price tag to qualify as luxurious, drivers can find cars in all categories such as sedans, crossovers, hatchbacks and sport-utility vehicles.

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