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What To Ask When Buying A Second-Hand Car In Singapore

Sometimes, conducting physical inspections may not be enough when considering buying a second-hand car. It is important to ask your dealers about the car before you make your purchase. However, you may be wondering where you should start and what you should ask.

Fortunately, we have prepared a list of important questions for you to ask dealers in order to get to know about the car better.

What is the reason for selling the car?

While owners may have a myriad of reasons for selling their car such as for upgrading or no longer requiring one, it could also be due to certain problems and faults in the car that compels owners to get rid of their car as quickly as possible. Dealers and car owners may not always offer you a satisfactory response, but giving them a chance to respond could help you gauge the condition of the car.

Are the service records available?

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One important thing to check when purchasing a car is whether the car’s service records are available. The service records allow you to tell what has been replaced or modified, as well as how frequent these maintenance works have been done. Most importantly, it allows you to check if the mileage of the car is accurate to what dealers or car owners claim.

Is this a PARF or a COE car?

It is important to note the differences between a Preferential Additional Registration Fee (PARF) car and a Certificate of Entitlement (COE) car. This makes all the difference in terms of the age of the car, road tax payable, as well as the possible rebates that you can get on the car. Make sure you are aware of these differences to prevent yourself from getting a shock on the long term costs and savings that can be made on the car.

What is the condition of the car?

Give the dealer or owner a chance to bring you through what they think about the car. They would usually give you a breakdown on the noteworthy issues with the car. While some sellers may not be upfront about the known issues, asking them gives them the opportunity to be honest and ensure that what they tell you corroborates with what has been stated on their listings.

How many previous owners did the car have?

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There may be times where cars have extremely low mileage despite being an old model and therefore come at an attractive price. While it may be tempting, buyers should be wary of this as it may be signs of faults with the car. Ask the seller if there are reasons for the frequent changes; if you do not receive a satisfactory response, do not hesitate to reconsider your purchase.

How long has the previous owner had the car for?

Besides the number of owners, it is also important to check how long the owner has had the car for. Similar to frequent owner changes, while the previous owner may have perfectly good reasons to change the car, it is always better to be careful of any undisclosed problems with the vehicle.

Has the car been in an accident before?

If a car has been in an accident before, no matter how well-repaired and touched up the vehicle is, its price will be affected drastically. Not only should you be paying less for the car, you should also be aware of the higher premiums on car insurance and potential long term problems that could come up with frame damages to the car.

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How did you arrive at this price?

Knowing how the sellers arrive at the price of their car helps to determine whether the price is reasonable, and what you are paying for. Besides the base price of the car, it is good to be aware of the other costs that have been factored in such as recent maintenance works and platform commission fees.

How frequently has the car been taken for a test drive?

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Cars that have been frequently test driven will also contribute to the car’s mileage, potential wear and tear, and therefore its price. Ensure that you are aware of previous handling of the car during past test drives sessions, and therefore a rough gauge on the condition of the car.

Are there any things that I should be aware of?

Lastly, you can end off with an open-ended question to allow sellers to provide you with any information that they may have missed out throughout the session. Also, this lets sellers know that you have a genuine interest in the car, and helps to build good rapport with them by showing them that you are willing to trust them.

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