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How to Avoid Getting Scammed By A Dealer

We hear cases of people getting scammed by crafty dealers all too often in Singapore. While there are a multitude of great dealers out there who value transparency and honesty, unfortunately not all dealers have their customer’s best interests in mind. There are a few who will try to take advantage of a gullible or careless customer to make some extra bucks.

Thinking of selling your car but worried about getting scammed? Fret not, as we are here to help you avoid falling victim to one of these scams yourself. We have identified what the most common scams are, and teach you how to avoid the possibility of a scam altogether.

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Get a car valuation beforehand

One of the most common dealer scams involves dealers making sky-high offers to tempt you into bringing your car down for a viewing. Once there, however, these dealers will turn and lower their offer greatly.

Avoid falling for this trick by getting a car valuation beforehand, so you know just how much your vehicle is actually worth on the market. Consult dealers for a car valuation individually, or get a free and instant car valuation based on data from our 270+ trusted dealers right from the comfort of your home with the UCARS AI Car Valuation Tool, accessible here.

Be sure of the condition of your car

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Shady dealers like to nitpick at the condition of your car and bring up minor issues as excuses to slash their prices, stating that they need to shell out more for unnecessary repairs or paint jobs in order to get a better deal. 

This is why you should always do your homework on each dealer and make sure to deal with one that is trusted and reliable. You should also give your car a thorough inspection yourself, to make sure that you are not caught unaware by any issue with your car and can fix it before it becomes an issue with your dealer and you end up with the short end of the stick.

Always read the terms and conditions thoroughly

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We tend to skip over the terms and conditions when it comes to most things such as app downloads or sign up forms. However, this is one time that you really should be reading through the T and C’s and be sure that you understand every clause. A common dealer scam involves dealers sneaking in unfair conditions into the document that may trap you with ridiculous fees later on.

Read over the terms and conditions thoroughly, making sure that you know what each clause means. If possible, get someone with legal experience to go through it with you and to clarify points causing any confusion.

Ensure you receive full payment during the handover

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Another scam dealers might pull is delaying payment even after you have handed over your car, or only giving you a portion of the payment and subsequently delaying the rest of the payment.

Avoid this by demanding full payment upon the handover. You can ask for a full cash payment or a cashier’s order so you can be assured that you will receive your payment.

Keep confident, cool, and collected

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Last but not least, crafty dealers who intend to scam you are more likely to do so if they sense that you are uninformed or unconfident. They can easily manipulate unsure customers into agreeing with lower prices and other scams with intimidating industry jargon and, especially if you have not done enough research.

Above all, do your research before dealing with any dealer and make sure you have sufficient know-how of the process and any relevant terminology. Again, be sure of the value of your car and exactly what you want out of the deal.

Avoid dealer scams altogether with UCARS!

At UCARS, you can sell your car without any worry of getting scammed by dealers. On our platform, you can list your car here for free and receive bids from over 270 trusted local dealers with absolutely no obligation to close a deal if you are not satisfied with any of the bids. 

We keep ourselves a cut above the competition by charging our dealers with very low fees, so that you get the most out of the deal. On top of that, one of our own UCARS personnel will be there to facilitate your deal so you can rest assured that no dealer scams will be involved. So what are you waiting for? Sell with UCARS’ bidding platform today!

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