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10 Best Car Gadgets and Accessories: Road Trip

Winston Churchill once said, “Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential“? You may not currently have plans for a road trip but planning ahead will definitely save you some stress. After scouring the internet and comparing prices and products, we’ve curated the 10 most stylish and value for money car gadgets and accessories that will definitely make your journey more pleasant and memorable.

We know that going for road trips is not a frequent thing that most Singaporeans have the luxury of time to do so. The gadgets here are specially chosen to be useful for daily use, not just for road trips! So you can make the best bang out of your buck!

Inflatable Rear Bed

Car Gadgets and Accessories: Road Trip

Image Source: Shopee

Made of high quality PVC material, this composite ventilating flocking bed. Safe for children as it is made of a non-toxic and tasteless material that is not only anti-seismic, but also pressure proof! The inflatable bed’s universal design allows it to fit most car models, and the manufacturer guarantees that the bed body and space will be perfectly matched. After being inflated, it will create a safe space in the back seat, passengers or partners can sleep comfortably for a long-distance, children can play freely without falling down from the seat.

Lightweight, foldable, easy to carry, Using the air pump included in the set, two quick minutes is all you need to blow up the air cushion bed. Deflating it is easy as well, just pop open the bleeder valve and apply pressure on the bed to push the air out. This item is both convenient and practical. You can use it for quick naps at pit stops or rest stops or for a more comfortable journey for children. Creating your cozy car is this simple!

Anti-fog Rearview Mirror

Car Gadgets and Accessories: Road Trip

Image Source: Amazon

Did you know that most vehicular accidents occur due to weather-related factors. This mirror sticker is resistant to rain, oil, dust, water, and fog. With this anti-fog mirror sticker, you can have safer vision. Its universal design enables it suitable for all standard sized automotive rearview mirrors. Safety is just a few clicks away here.

3-in-1 Humidifier

10 Best Car Gadgets and Accessories: 3-in-1 Can Humidifier

Image Source: Amazon

Sitting inside a small, confined, and air-conditioned space can easily result in dry eyes, throat, and skin, making for an unpleasant journey. This multipurpose humidifier is the sleek solution to your moist situation. This device features ultrasonic nano spray technology with two modes and seven changeable LED lights. Operating at less than 20 decibels, its ultra-silent design makes it suitable for users to bring the humidifier from the car to the nursery, bedroom and even work place. Get it here.

Car Backseat Adjustable Tablet Mount

10 Best Car Gadgets And Accessories: Road Trip

Image Source: Alexnld

Entertainment is crucial for keeping new age children occupied. Enjoy your road trip without the sounds of children shrieking incessantly by mounting your device. Its 360 degree rotation is adjustable and extendable for optimal viewing pleasure. The mount is easily installed and does not require the use of any tools. Get it here

Car Neck Pillow

10 Best Car Gadgets And Accessories: Road Trip-memory foam neck pillow

Image Source: AliExpress

I am positive that everyone would agree that back aches are a pain in the neck (yes, pun intended). Eliminates back pain from long drives with this memory foam car neck pillow. Its ergonomically designed head rest fully supports your head, neck, shoulders and protects your cervical spine. It is covered with a removable pillow cover made of breathable fabric which makes it easy to clean. Get it here.

Automatic Anti-Theft Car Cover

Image Source: Alibaba

This remote-controlled automatic car cover is your 3-in-1 solution for car security! It functions like the average car cover with its full coverage protection from sunlight, rain, snow, dirt, and scratches. You can also worry less when you leaving your valuables inside as they are not hidden from spying eyes.

What makes this car cover so special is that it comes with a built-in alarm that will be activated if the cover is lifted up. That’s not all. You can also use it as an emergency car starter! Simply connect it to your car battery with connectors and charge your battery in seconds. Light, easy and portable, this remote controlled automatic car cover is powered by solar energy, making this energy efficient. Get it here.

3-in-1 Smart Car Bluetooth Speaker


Image Source: Qoo10

Did you know? That ‘blind driving’ behaviour causes more accidents than drink driving. If a driver looks down at their phone for 3 seconds whilst driving at 60km/h, their eyes have left the road for about 50 metres. Brake distance is 16 metres and factoring the average brake reaction time of 0.8 seconds which would have allowed the car to cover another distance of 12 metres.  Applicable to all car models and with its 5V / 3.4A output, compatible with most brands of mobile phones and digital products. Smart dual USB can charge up to two devices at once.

This bluetooth speaker also functions as an FM radio. When connected to your phone, you can use it to answer or hang up phone calls. It also has a USB and TF card compatibility. Not only does this high-performance MP3 speaker charge your devices, it also gives you real-time voltage detection of your cars battery. knowing the state of your car battery is important as it can help avoid traffic accidents. Also, it has a memory function which continues playing your track where it left off. You can use this for car navigation for a clearer audio broadcast. Get it here.

Car Side Window Sunshade

10 Best Car Gadgets and Accessories: Road Trip: Mesh Window Sun Shade

Image Source: Amazon

Remember the time you had to sit through the entire car ride with the sun in your eyes? Remember your feeble attempt of shielding your eyes from the unforgiving sun? This mesh sun shade is made of a 40-denier nylon material, making it ideal for providing UV protection to passengers in the back seat. Their flexible, stretchy mesh makes them easy to install on the exterior of the door and its breathable material allows you to roll down the window for a nice breeze whilst keeping the unwanted sun, dust, and insects out and preventing damage and marks on the glass window. This seller even includes a bonus gift of an eBook that illustrates 10 creative ideas to keep children occupied whilst traveling. What a deal! Get it here.

Collapsible Trash Can

Image Source: Groupon

 Ask a Singaporean what their favourite past time is and I guarantee you that at least 2 out of 3 of them will gleefully respond with ‘eating’. With food being a constant part of our lives, we should consider the waste that comes along with it. Living amidst the hustle and bustle of a blooming city, we are often eating on-the-go. This collapsible trash can is lightweight, practical, functional and keeps your car organised. Folding into three inches in diameter, it is a nifty little accessory to keep your car organised. Its small size is also great for those with tendencies of only clearing the trash when the bin is full. Regularly clearing of trash keeps your car from being unsightly and also minimises bacterial buildup. It features a velcro strip at the bottom which allows for the trash can to stick to car floor, providing more security. Get it here.

Dual Mode Car Refrigerator

10 Best Car Gadgets and Accessories: Road Trip

Image Source: Mashable

As previously mentioned, food is an essential aspect of almost every Singaporean’s life. This car refrigerator holds a capacity of 6 litres and has a dual mode function. Allowing it to be either a refrigerator or a heating box, you can now enjoy either warm or cold foods and drinks as you please! Find it here.

With these gadgets and accessories, you’re all geared up and ready to embark on the comfiest road trip of your life!

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