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Car Plate Bidding: How To Bid For Your Number Plate

A Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) – commonly known as a car plate number – is compulsory for every registered vehicle in Singapore. While number plates are automatically assigned by LTA to every new car, you can opt to bid for one instead. Although it incurs additional cost, some owners find it worth the dollars spent. If you are looking to bid for a car number plate, read on to find out how!


If you have already decided to bid for a number plate, you must do so before registering your new vehicle.

The numbers available for every bidding exercise will be published at least 1 working day before the exercise starts, and announced online. The main bidding exercise will be available between Friday, 1AM to Wednesday, 4:30PM* upon announcement of the numbers.

After the main bidding exercise, drivers are allowed to bid for leftover number plates. This weekly exercise will be held between Friday, 1AM to Monday, 4:30PM.

*Subject to public holidays


Step 1: Check for availability of your preferred number

Head over to OneMotoring to check if the number you wish to bid for is available. Do note that you are unable to choose the prefix, and the suffixes are subject to availability.

Step 2: Enter your bid

There will be a non-refundable $10.70 fee that will be deducted from your bank account for each bid submission. The minimum bid amount is $1,000, and each bid increment is in multiples of $1.

You will need the following to enter your bid:

  • Your preferred VRN (in order of preference)
  • The NRIC No./FIN/Company/Business/Association Registration Cert. No. of the vehicle’s intended registered owner
  • Email Address and Contact Number
  • A valid Internet Banking account with Citibank, DBS/POSB, OCBC/Plus!, Standard Chartered Bank or UOB (eNETS Debit) with adequate balance and Payment Limit for your payment amount. You can also choose to pay your bid with a Cashier’s Order for total payments above $50,000.
  • Bank account details for refund of unsuccessful bids paid by eNETS Debit
  • If paying by Cashier’s Order, choose how you want to receive your refund if your bid is unsuccessful.  Fill in your mailing address to receive it by mail, or the name and NRIC/FIN No. of the person to collect the refund at the LTA Customer Service Centre at 10 Sin Ming Drive Singapore 575701

Step 3: Check bidding results

The main number plate bidding exercise results will be announced on the following Wednesday at 12PM*. The weekly bidding exercise results will be released on Wednesday at 12PM*, the same week that bidding closes.

Results of the bidding exercise will be notified via email. Alternatively, you can view your results online.

*Unless otherwise stated by LTA


Congratulations on your successful bid! Your new number plate will be valid for a period of one year from 12PM of the bidding announcement day. Now, you can use your new number plate via one of the following ways:

  • For new vehicles: Ask your dealer to use the new number plate immediately when you register a new vehicle.
  • For registered vehicles: Login to OneMotoring and go to Digital Services > Manage Registered Vehicle Numbers to use your new number plate on your existing vehicle. There will be a replacement fee of $321.

Make sure you replace the number plate within three days of the replacement. Remember to extend your vehicle’s number plate when it approaches expiration, which you can do so here.

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