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A Guide To The Types Of Car Plate Numbers In Singapore

It is mandatory for all vehicles to have their license plates installed at the bumper and rear in a legible and prominent manner. But, are you aware that the colour scheme, prefix and suffix of a license plate each represents a different meaning? In this article, we discuss the types of license plates in Singapore.

1. Motorists Are Required To Place Bids For Their Preferred Licence Plates

You read it right! Not only do we have to bid for a COE, we also have to bid for our vehicle registration number. Bid submissions can be made online at One Motoring. The minimum bid is S$1,000, and the amount must be in multiples of S$1. Do note that bids cannot be amended or withdrawn upon submission.

Alternatively, if you are on the hunt for unique or vintage license plates, look no further. With their massive database of highly sought after license plates, you are bound to find the perfect one at Car Plate Singapore.

Image Source: One Motoring

2. Singapore Licence Plates Must Adhere To The Standardised Lettering Dimensions

It is of vital importance that every motorist compiles with the standardised lettering dimensions for their license plates. Motorists are expected to meet the following requirements:

  • All letters and digits must be 70mm high, 50mm wide and 10mm broad, and 20mm apart from each other.
  • The space between adjoining letters or between adjoining digits must be 10mm.
  • The space from the nearest part of each letter and digit to the top or bottom of the vehicle licence plate must be 10mm. Whereas, the space from the nearest part of each letter and digit to the side of the vehicle licence plate must be 20mm.

Image Source: One Motoring

3. Vehicles Can Be Differentiated According To The Colour Of Their Licence Plates

The uniform colours for a license plate are white lettering on a black background. However, if the vehicle licence plate is made of a reflective material, it should have black lettering on a white background for the front, and black lettering on a yellow background for the back.

If your vehicle is on a special scheme that requires a different colour for your licence plate, refer to the examples above for the lettering and background colours that you are required to have.

4. Vehicles Can Be Differentiated According To The Letters On Their Licence Plates

Apart from the colour scheme, vehicles can be differentiated according to the letters on their licence plates. A typical vehicle registration number comes in the format “SEL 1995 T”:

S – Vehicle class (“S”, with some exceptions, stands for a private vehicle since 1984)
EL – Alphabetical series (“I” and “O” are not used to avoid confusion with numbers “1” and “0”)
1995 – Numerical series
T – Checksum letter (“F”, “I”, “N”, “O”, “Q”, “V” and “W” are never used as checksum letters; absent on special government vehicle plates and events vehicle plates)

Whereas vehicles belonging to the government have specific letters appearing before (prefix) and after (suffix) the car plate number. A few examples are as such:

If you have any other interesting facts on car license plates, relay them in the comments section below!

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