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How To Get Cheap Parking In The CBD

As we all know, finding a vacant parking spot in the Central Business District (CBD) is hard enough as it is. Furthermore, CBD parking isn’t cheap. So finding the cheapest (or most affordable) parking spot is no mean feat either.

The CBD spans from Orchard to Bugis, all the way down to Tanjong Pagar, covering the office buildings spanning across Raffles Place, City hall and Dhoby Ghaut. To help with your parking woes, we have compiled a list of the best CBD parking spaces. From the cheapest and most easily accessible, so you won’t need to scratch your head while hunting for a parking spot (we already did the head scratching for you).

Raffles Place

Raffles place is undoubtedly the heart of the CBD, with the highest concentration of office buildings. And navigating the roads around the area is a hassle for some, if not most drivers. So to make things just that little bit easier, here are the best parking rates around Raffles Place.

CPF Building Robinson Road
Weekdays Before 5/6pm: $1.50/30min ($3/h) for the 1st 2 hours, $2.00/30min ($4/h) after the first 2 hours.
Weekdays after 5/6pm: Closed at 5pm. Cars remaining from 5pm will be charged a flat rate of $5 on top of their fee.
Weekends Closed
China Square Central
Weekdays Before 5/6pm: From 8am: $1.80 per ½ hr or part thereof ($3.60/h)
Weekdays after 5/6pm: After 6pm: $3 per entry. (12 midnight-6am: Closed)
Weekends $3 per entry. (12 midnight-6am: Closed)

Tanjong Pagar

Tanjong Pagar may be quite a distance away from the hustle and bustle of Raffles Place, but it’s a short walk away from Shenton Way. As such, there are still a large number of office towers and retail stores in the vicinity.

International Plaza
Weekdays Before 5/6pm: 7am-5pm: $2.20 per ½ hr ($4.40/h)
Weekdays after 5/6pm: After 5pm: $3 per entry (No grace period)
Weekends Saturday: Same as weekdays
Sunday: $3 per entry after 3pm


City Hall

City Hall has a large number of shopping malls and hotels around the area. Places such as Raffles City, Marina Square, Swissotel, and Suntec City. But between the Suntec City towers and Millenia Walk areas, office towers are abundant. And after hours, the whole area will be abuzz with shoppers and diners looking to unwind after a hard day at work. Here are the best rates we could find:

Weekdays Before 5/6pm: From 8am: $0.60 per 15 mins. ($2.40/h)
Weekdays after 5/6pm: 6pm-10.59pm: Sun-Thurs: $0.65 per 15 mins. Fri: $0.70 per 15 mins. 11pm-7.59am: Sun-Thurs: $0.45 per 15 mins. Fri: $0.50 per 15 mins.
Weekends 8am-5.59pm: $0.65 per 15 mins.

Fri, Sat, PH Eve, PH: 6pm-10.59pm: $0.70 per 15 mins.

11pm-7.59am: $0.50 per 15 mins.

Millenia Singapore/Conrad Centennial Singapore
Weekdays Before 5/6pm: From 7am: $3.30 for 1st hour; $1.10 for subsequent ½ hr ($2.20/h)
Weekdays after 5/6pm: After 6pm to 7am next day: $2.20 per entry
Weekends 7am to 7am next day: $2.20 for 1st 2hrs; $1.10 for sub. hr
Funan Mall
Weekdays Before 5/6pm: From 2.49am: $2.35 for 1st hour, $0.64 for subsequent 15min ($2.56/h)
Weekdays after 5/6pm: 6pm-2.59am: $3.21 per entry.
Weekends 2.49am-6pm: $2.35 for 1st 2 hr, $0.64 for sub 15min. 6pm-2.59am: $3.21 per entry.
Marina Square/Marina Mandarin Hotel
Weekdays Before 5/6pm: Mon-Thu: 7am-5pm: $2.20 for 1st 2hrs; $1.10 per ½ hour for sub. ½ hour ($2.20/h)
Weekdays after 5/6pm: Mon-Thu: 5pm-2am: $2.20 per entry; 2am-7am: $1.10 per ½ hour
Weekends Fri/Sat-Sun/PH: 7am-2am :$2.40 for 1st 2 hours; $1.20 per hour for sub. 2hrs; $1.40 per ½ hour for sub. ½ hour after 4 hours of parking. 2am-7am: $1.10 per ½ hour
National Gallery
Weekdays Before 5/6pm: 7am-6pm: $1.30 per half hour ($2.60/h)
Weekdays after 5/6pm: 6pm-1am: $3.20 per entry
Weekends Same as weekdays


Bugis may be more of a shopping district than a business district, but the cluster of buildings around Bras Basah and Bencoolen Street house a large number of office spaces too. So here’s the list:

Bugis Junction
Weekdays Before 5/6pm: From 8am: $2 for 1st hour; $0.40 for sub. 10mins or part thereof ($2.40/h)
Weekdays after 5/6pm: Mon-Thu: After 5pm: $3 per entry. Fri: $3 for 1st 2hrs; $0.30 for sub. 10 mins or part thereof
Weekends $3 for 1st 2hrs; $0.30 for sub. 10 mins or part thereof
North Bridge Centre
Weekdays Before 5/6pm: From 8am: $1.50/30min
Weekdays after 5/6pm: 5pm-11pm: $4 per entry
Weekends Saturday: Same as weekdays

Sunday: 8am-11pm: $4 per entry


All good things need to be shared. With this cheat sheet, we hope that you’ll be able to find a parking space with ease, without having to worry about making a dent in your wallet. At UCARS, we’re all about giving you the best ‘lobang’ out there!


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