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Coolant Boosters: Do They Really Work?

Have you heard of the term coolant boosters? You may know of racers and even motorists who add coolant boosters to their vehicles to improve overall performance. What are coolant boosters, and do they even work? Read on to find out our take on these performance enhancers.


Before we get into coolant boosters, we need to understand what coolant fluids are. Coolant fluids or antifreeze, help to regulate the temperature of your car engine. The coolant raises the boiling point of the cooling system when it is hot and lowers it when cold. This is to prevent cars from overheating or freezing in different environmental conditions. That way, the performance of cars can be optimised.

Not only that, coolant fluids usually come equipped with corrosion inhibitors that protect various parts of your engine from corrosion. Just as oil is important to keep your engine running, coolant fluids are important to keep your engine protected.

Coolant fluids are made of chemicals, which mean that they will break down. Over time, the breaking down of chemicals will make the coolant less effective. Hence, you would need to replace your coolant every two years or so. You can change them yourself, or get them changes at various car service centres should you be unsure of how to.


The colour dye of a coolant fluid can tell you information about its longevity. Most brands use a green dye, but longer-life coolant fluids are often dyed orange. This means that it gives you approximately an extra year before you need a change. Be warned, however, that colour is not the best indicator as they vary across brands; it is nevertheless a useful tool.

Be sure to check the original colour coolant that your car came with. Switching to orange coolant fluid without proper priming would impact the usefulness of the coolant. Additionally, do note that cars older than four years are unlikely to gain any extra coolant life even if you gradually switch to an orange coolant.

Also, you should never mix your coolant. This is because the corrosion inhibitors in orange coolants are not chemically compatible with green or red coolants.

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With all that in mind, we can get a rough idea of what coolant boosters do. Simply put, they are meant to expedite the cooling process of coolant fluids. One quality coolant boost you can purchase in Singapore is the Amsoil DOMINATOR® Coolant Boost.

Now, for the million-dollar question: do coolant boosters work? More specifically, do coolant fluids actually work?

The short answer is: It depends.

Not a very satisfying answer, we know. Again, the effectiveness of coolant boosters is highly dependent on the car and coolant you use. As we have learnt, the chemical composition of coolant fluids are relatively complex, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Some coolant boosters work better with certain coolant mixtures than others, so it is hard to conclude if it is truly effective.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you try it out if you wish to! Many established brands of coolant boosters take into consideration the different types of coolants as much as they can. It may or may not work as well as you thought – but at least you tried it out for yourself.

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