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Fuel Injector Cleaning: Is It Necessary?

All internal combustion engines contain some form of fuel injection system that atomizes the fuel for the right air fuel mixture. In older cars, this was done by way of a carburettor, which is determinant on the flow of air entering the engine. Fuel injection was introduced in the 1950s, and largely replaced carburettors by the 1990s. Fuel injectors are more complex, but deliver a better air-fuel mixture for cleaner and more efficient combustion.


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In this day and age, modern cars use electronic fuel injection systems that work with the car’s engine control unit (ECU) to deliver the right amount of pressurised fuel, depending on the driver’s input. These work in conjunction with a bevvy of sensors including oxygen sensors, throttle position sensors, and air flow sensors to determine if an engine is running too rich or too lean.

Despite what some sources say, fuel injectors do have to be cleaned. Like every part on a car, fuel injectors need to be well maintained and cleaned of any build-up or residue to ensure smooth operation in internal combustion engines. If a car’s injector nozzles are clogged, the fuel may not be atomised for vaporisation to occur. This may cause an engine to misfire, stall or idle roughly. It can also affect acceleration times and result in high emission levels.

Now, on to the cleaning methods. Because fuel injectors are delicate precision parts, cleaning them may be a bit of a hassle. There are several methods to do so. Easier methods involve filling a near-empty fuel tank with fuel additives such as fuel injector treatment cleaners or concentrates, and filling the rest of the tank with fuel. These break up the build-up of deposits, but are ineffective at clearing blockages or clogs in the system. In those cases, removing the fuel rail and individual injectors for a deep clean is your best bet.

One of the best ways is by ultrasonic cleaning. An ultrasonic injector cleaning service involves using ultrasonic vibrations to dislodge and break up deposits left on the nozzles. Fuel injectors are removed from the engine and submerged in a bath of water or solvent, before putting them in an ultrasonic cleaner. Now, there are ultrasonic injector cleaning service machines out on the market, but ultrasonic injector cleaning should be left to the professionals. So be sure to consult a trained mechanic and not attempt this on your own.



One such workshop in Singapore that provides ultrasonic injector cleaning services is Harmony Motor. Their cleaning process involves removing the injectors, doing an electrical resistance check before being flow tested. They are then cleaned in an ultrasonic tank before being flow tested again to ensure that all injectors are working as expected. Click here for more information about Harmony Motor’s ultrasonic injector cleaning service.


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