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10 Fuel-saving Tips That Actually Work

Fuel prices are on the rise, which means that it’s more important than ever to make sure to maximise your fuel efficiency while you’re on the road.

Not all of the tips out there that supposedly save ease your petrol bill work though! For instance, rolling down your car window instead of using the air conditioning doesn’t actually save you on fuel.

This is why we’ve compiled 10 tried-and-tested tips you need to know that will help you get the most bang for your buck out of your fuel.

1. Keep tires inflated

The lower your tire pressure, the more fuel it takes to keep them moving on the road. Check your tire pressure often to make sure that they are at the recommended pressure as indicated in your owner’s manual, and you’ll find yourself saving bucks on fuel.

2. Lighten your load

Many of us like to store our belongings in our cars, but did you know that unnecessary weight can negatively affect your fuel consumption? 

Reduce heavy gear and belongings in your car, and remove external attachments such as roof racks when not in use to minimise wind resistance as well as unnecessary weight.

3. Maintain the speed limit

If you’re not in a hurry, maintain a smooth and steady speed throughout the trip as much as possible, and avoid speeding. 

While accelerated speed may get you to your destination faster and therefore your car may have been active for a shorter period of time, the accelerated speed means that your car has been burning through fuel at a faster rate as well.

4. Accelerate smoothly

Fuel consumption is directly affected by how hard your engine needs to work. 

Accelerating too fast causes a lot of stress on your engine, and therefore consumes a lot of fuel. Surprisingly, crawling up to speed too slowly also causes inefficient fuel consumption as it prevents efficient upshifting. 

To avoid this, accelerate smoothly and efficiently.

5. Brake carefully

This one is a continuation from our last point.  Slamming on the breaks may make you feel like you’re in an action movie, but in reality, it’s not a smart idea.

 Anticipate red lights or having to brake and coast to a stop. The less you actually need to brake, the less hard your engine has to work.

6. Routine servicing

Often, inadequate fuel efficiency is caused by problems that are easily fixed during a routine car servicing. 

Dirty, worn, or old parts can be cleaned and replaced by a trained mechanic to make sure that your car is performing optimally and does not have to compensate with increased fuel consumption.  

Of course, choosing a good workshop to service your car is key.

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7. Cruise control

If you drive on the highway often, cruise control can be your best friend for fuel-saving. By maintaining a steady speed, your vehicle won’t have to spend fuel unnecessarily.

8. Don’t idle

Idling is not only a huge waste of fuel since it gets you nowhere, but is awful for the environment. 

Do your part by turning your engine off if you’re going to be stopping for more than 30 seconds, except if you’re in traffic of course!

9. Plan your trips

Instead of taking multiple short trips, group them together for one long errand run. Engines tend to burn more fuel when they’re cold, which is at the start of each trip. 

By combining your trips, you kill multiple birds with one stone, maximise your fuel efficiency, and save on time.

10. Choose the right car

Of course, the type of car you’re driving affects fuel efficiency. If fuel economy is one of your greatest concerns, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a ton of options on the market these days for both gas and electric vehicles!

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