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Household Products You Never Knew Could Be Handy For Your Car

Let’s face it, owning a car is not all that straightforward – Though possessing your very own car is a dream come true, it is not just about having sufficient fuel to get you moving on the road, but maintaining your car is equally important too. With that said, these are 10 useful things you can do with products found at home that will improve your driving experience!

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1. Car Trash Can

Having to hold on to your trash is annoying, much less ideal as a driver. Keep your cabin and carpet clean by utilising a plastic container to store your rubbish. Be sure to secure the container and line it with a plastic bag for an easy and clean, regular clear out.

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2. DIY Car Freshener

The lack of proper ventilation after eating or delivering food in your car can make the car smell bad. Apart from purchasing a car freshener, you can also make one yourself! Simply pour a few tablespoons of your scented laundry crystals into a small drawstring and keep it in the car, or pour a few droplets of essential oil onto a cotton ball attached to a wooden peg then attach it onto your aircon vent. Ta-da, a quick and cost-efficient way to pleasant-smelling car once again!

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3. Fix Paint Chips & Scrapes

Nail varnishes not only look good on nails but they can too, on cars. Use a nail polish to help touch up minor flaws of paint chips or scrapes. It will definitely help your car look better from a distance. Quite a multi-purpose product we must say.

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4. Dent Removal

Not only can you unclog sinks with the plunger, you can also remove sizable dents on your car. Using some water and the plunger, begin working your way to remove those small- to medium-sized dents.

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5. Handy Bungee Cords

Create additional neat storage with bungee cords, such as a towel holder in your boot or securing your groceries in the boot.

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6. Tidy Storage

Store your small and loose items in an organiser, or shoe organiser, tied to the back of your seats. For bigger and bulkier items, consider using laundry baskets stored in the backseats or the trunk. No more struggling to find your things!

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7. Clean Cup Holders

If you have an avid baker at home, rejoice as you can sneak 2 baking silicone cups to line your cup holders to keep them clean as new. You no longer have to worry about spills and stains as these cups allow for easy clean up.

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8. Removing Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are a pretty cool thing to add on to the look and vibe of your car. However, as seasons change and the stickers wear off, peeling them off may not look very pleasant since there are chances of residue leftover. However, you can do so in peace by placing dampened newspapers over the leftover sticker spots and wiping it off after about 15 minutes.

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9. Clearing Up Cloudy Headlights

Although a scuffed up, cloudy headlight will not be detrimental to your car’s performance, it does not look good without a doubt. Grab some toothpaste and a brush or cloth and start rubbing your headlights till it magically clears up.

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10. DIY Phone Holder

Having access to the GPS on our smartphones have made driving around anywhere seamless. To do so safely, utilising a phone holder may be ideal as you need not have to worry about your phone sliding off where it’s placed nor continually look down to check if you are headed in the right direction. All you require is a rubber band and a big binder clip to make your very own portable phone holder. Attach the binder clip onto your aircon vent, loop the rubber band through one side of the clip before placing your phone and finally secure by looping the rubber on the other side of the clip.

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A clean and neat interior not only keeps pests out but also allows you to feel good driving, including ferrying your friends and family around. Additionally, you get to save money when you use items you can find at home for these car hacks!

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