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How To Clean Your Car For Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has made all of us more cautious of surfaces or objects we come into contact with as these are vectors for the spread of virus. 

Though washing your hands thoroughly after a grocery run can prevent transmission of the virus, proper cleaning and disinfecting of the car you drove in is also advised. Why, you ask? This is because the virus can exist on a variety of surfaces, sometimes even days after contagious droplets we­­re planted there. 

“At least seventy per cent alcohol solution is effective against coronavirus, and isopropyl alcohol won’t do the main surfaces in your car any harm. In fact, it’s what carmakers and their subcontractors use to disinfect parts.” Doctor Jana Parmová, chief physician at ŠKODA, emphasized in an article on the same subject

Given what has been said, if you weren’t carrying antibacterial wipes in your car previously, now is a good time to start. After all, it isn’t that different from what you should already be doing on a regular basis. How can you sanitize your car without harming the interior, though?

You can accomplish the level of cleanliness desired with disposable BD Alcohol Swabs on non-porous surfaces on top of a microfiber cloth as it not only traps dirt, but also prevents scratches. Owners should never use bleach or hydrogen peroxide on the interior as both chemicals will damage the surfaces in the process.

Prioritize on the common touchpoints such as door frame/handles, elbow rests, gearstick, infotainment controls, seat position controls and steering column stalks. However, the most important part of your car to scrub down is the steering wheel as it has four times the amount of germs found on an average toilet seat due to all the crevices on the rim and spokes.

Whereas for leather steering wheels, seating and trim, a combination of soap and warm water is a safe and sufficient way to clean them. Do not scrub hard when cleaning your leather interior, and avoid excess suds and water.

Granted, the circuit breaker measures might seem over the top but limiting your trips outside is the most effective method of ensuring you won’t contract the coronavirus or spread it to others. However, restricting your movement will reduce the spread of germs into your vehicle and prevent you from carrying them to the outside world or back inside your home.

Stay home, stay safe and save lives.

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