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How To Increase Fuel Efficiency: More Miles For Less

Driving a car comes with additional costs incurred from fuel. What’s more, fuel does not come cheap at the petrol stations in Singapore. That is why you definitely want to make every litre of fuel count. Even with high costs, there are still ways you can get the most distance with every pump. Find out how you can increase the fuel efficiency of your car and decrease your costs with these tips!

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Refuel In The Morning

It may seem like there is no difference when you decide to top up your petrol. However, you could save a couple of dollars when you refuel in the morning! A quick science lesson to explain why:

Petrol is volatile and therefore extremely sensitive to heat. Any slight increase in temperature will cause the petrol to expand. This means that the space taken up by the petrol would increase.

Petrol stations measure the flow rate to estimate the petrol volume, rather than the actual volume itself. As a result, for every litre of expanded petrol that you pump, you get lesser than expected. Since the mornings are colder, you can take advantage of denser petrol to get more petrol with your every buck!

Use The Right Fuel Type

Petrol Fuel Type

Source: My NRMA

Another seemingly unimportant yet crucial way to maximise fuel efficiency is to use the right fuel type. You can find the recommended fuel types in the owner’s manual of your vehicle. Although you may be tempted to get the highest fuel grade, your car might not put it into good use.

Car manufacturers put in the work to test what fuel types would bring about the best performance for every car. So even if you get the best fuel, your car may not produce the best results. Always trust the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Reduce Drag

Do you have additional racks and storage accessories mounted on your car? If so, they might be causing you to waste more fuel than required! Having added surface area onto the car, especially when it is not streamlined for aerodynamic purposes, increases drag. This means your engine needs to work extra hard to resist friction in the air, thereby burning more petrol.

Why not lighten your load, and save some fuel on the go! By removing these add-ons, you can not only increase aerodynamics, you can also reduce the weight of your car. So whenever you find yourself not needing these additional storages and racks, remove them to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Regular Maintenance & Servicing

Routine maintenance and servicing should not be overlooked when it comes to the condition and fuel efficiency of your car. Changing your car’s air and fuel filters can make all the difference.

By increasing the capacity of your car’s ability to draw air and process fuel, lesser fuel is required to do the same (if not more!) amount of work. Caring for your car requires consistency, but with consistency comes the reward of cost savings.

Find Suitable Wheels

Fuel Efficiency Wheels

Last, but not least, using the right wheel and tyres can help you optimise fuel efficiency. This has everything to do with the weight of your car.

The weight of your wheels affects the petrol needed for the engine to run. The heavier the weight, the more the workload and stress on your engine. This is why choosing lightweight yet durable wheels are crucial to increasing your miles. Alloy wheels are your best bet here.

However, do note that increasing the size of your wheel, no matter how lightweight, still adds weight to your car. Hence, consider fitting wheels of the required size, and forgo the extra inches.

With all this in mind, you can rest assured that every pump at the petrol station is worth your money. While these tips seem like very small adjustments, they will take you a long way in getting large savings.

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