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Ridesharing Apps: Guide To Improving Your Passenger Rating

For the modern commuter, it is a real smack in the face when you take a glance at your passenger rating after a completed ride, only to learn that the numbers have plummeted even lower.

A low rating will bring your overall average score down, and while you won’t necessarily be banned by the rideshare service, it increases the risk of drivers declining your ride request. To prevent that from happening, these are a few methods on how you can boost your rating going forward.

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Tip #1: Never Make Your Driver Wait

Tardiness is their number one pet peeve. Be punctual for every ride, and message your driver through the app beforehand to confirm your exact location. In the event that you are late, it is common courtesy to call or send a text in advance to let them know you are running behind time.

Tip #2: Exchange Pleasantries – It Leaves A Good Impression From The Get-go

Drivers are not robots – Not yet, at least, though that technology is in development. It doesn’t cost a cent to acknowledge the driver and wish them a pleasant day, but somehow the custom of being polite towards each other is becoming more and more extinct. Break the cycle, greet your driver with a warm hello and thank them towards the end of the ride.

You know, use your manners. It goes a long way and quite possibly even makes the world a better place.

Tip #3: Initiate A Conversation (When You Are Not In It Alone)

More often than not, drivers have long working hours and driving around in circles can be incredibly dull. Therefore, initiating a conversation is typically a welcome distraction. If you have a mutually interesting topic to discuss with your driver, then chat away! However, don’t forget that silence is also a highly valued option. When the conversation seems one-sided, it might be time to stop talking and give them space.

Keep in mind that there are topics that tend to cause heated and up-friendly opinions, try to stay away from them. Instead, opt for neutral topics that are safe to talk about.

Tip #4: Be Considerate And Respectful

Passengers should treat drivers and their cars the way they would expect to be treated themselves. Apart from asking for permission before drinking or eating in their car, do not curse, shout, smoke or throw up in the car, if you can avoid it.

Tip #5: Give And Ye Shall Receive

Playing the game of reciprocity is absolutely key in the quest for five stars. Often your driver will hold back on rating you until they have seen what you give them, so even if your ride is less than perfect, it is very much in your interest to give five stars.

If you want to guarantee a five-star rating, just show them you are giving them five stars on your phone as you leave the car. You can leave compliments too, so if there is something you have enjoyed, please take a few seconds to let them know!

Trust us, keeping these small courtesies in mind will pay off in the long run. Lastly, if you enjoy reading up on rideshare tips as much as we do, please relay your thoughts and suggestions on what you would like to see next in the comment section below!

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