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The NETS Motoring Card: What You Need To Know


SINGAPORE – After 26 years of service, the ‘classic’ CashCard, which has served us with the electronic road pricing (ERP) and car park charges, is being phased out as the Network for Electronic Transfers (NETS) introduces a new stored value card.

Introducing: The NETS Motoring card would eventually replace the CashCard for all car park and ERP charges.


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First-generation IU unit

Vehicles with the first generation of in-vehicle units (IUs) – first rolled out in 1998 with the introduction of the ERP – can currently only use the Classic CashCard. 


Second generation IU unit

Those with the second-generation “dual-mode” IUs introduced in 2009 can use various payment methods such as credit cards, EZ-Link cards, and NETS FlashPay cards.

The new card will work with the second-generation in-vehicle units (IUs) introduced in 2009 and the upcoming on-board units (OBUs). The first OBUs will be installed free of charge for existing Singapore-registered vehicles from the second half of this year. The installation exercise is expected to take place over a period of 18 months.

These will be used when Singapore switches to the satellite-based next-generation ERP system in mid-2023. In the meantime, motorists using the first-generation IUs can continue to use the NETS CashCards. However, they will not be able to once the new OBU is installed in their vehicles.

How does it work?

Issued by NETS, the NETS Motoring Card makes entry and exit at every car park easy and seamless. It provides ultimate convenience being the only card that motorists can use to pay at all car parks across Singapore. One new feature on the NETS Motoring Card is the expiration date on the back of the card. In other words, this allows you to track its validity.

It costs S$10 per card (inclusive of a S$5 stored value). You may purchase it from all petrol stations, convenience stores or at the NETS Customer Service Centre. Motorists can top up the Motoring Card via the following methods:

  • NETS top-up machines at all car parks
  • Over the counter at convenience stores & petrol stations
  • NETS FlashPay Reader App

You can also sign up for the auto top-up function that’s been made available. To find out more, click here.


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