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A Guide To Different Types Of Traffic Cameras In Singapore

Strict regulations have been implemented for speeding throughout many countries in the world. Depending on the type of vehicle and road you are driving on, speed limits differ. To deter drivers from beating the red light and flouting speed regulations, traffic cameras have been installed in many different parts of Singapore.

With 240 cameras installed islandwide, it pays for drivers to be able to identify the different types of speed cameras in Singapore.

Police Speed Laser Camera

Image Source: The Straits Times

Traffic policemen with their speed laser camera are usually deployed along the side of the roads, behind trees and on overhead bridges – Beware, you might probably be ambushed! These hand-held cameras are able to identify speeders even in low lighting.

The police speed laser cameras are equipped with infrared flash that cannot be seen with our naked eyes.

Average Speed Camera

Image Source: The Straits Times

As the newest camera system addition, the Average Speed Camera (ASC) was installed along Tanah Merah Coast Road since December 2018, limiting speed to 70km/h. The ASC system tracks speeding vehicles by detecting and calculating the average speed of a vehicle in the enforcement zone.

Targeted at illegal racing and speeding, the cameras are deployed at the entrance and exit of the road.

Red Light Camera

Image Source: The Straits Time

Painted bright orange along with white stripes, these cameras are common and hard to miss on the roads of Singapore. Red light cameras are able to capture sharp images with its 11 megapixels resolution and ability to pick up speeding vehicles.

Do not even think of beating the red light camera.

Mobile Speed Camera

Image Source: The Straits Times

Featuring a chunky base, Mobile Speed Cameras (MSC) were implemented on the roads in February 2016. Whether rain or shine, the MSC runs on its own power source and captures speeding vehicles efficiently.

Capturing up to 32 speeding motorists at a time, MSC cameras can be quickly installed within 1 week. 3 MSCs are currently deployed at Aviation Park Road towards Nicoll Drive, Lim Chu Kang Road towards Neo Tiew Road, and Seletar Link towards Seletar North Link.

Fixed Speed Camera

Sharing a similar look and function as the Mobile Speed Camera, the Fixed Speed Cameras (FSC) take a longer time of 6 months to install. These cameras are deployed at fixed locations, with it drilled and firmly attached to the ground.

There are currently 20 of the FSC cameras around Singapore.

BONUS: These cameras that are lined along TPE are not speed cameras but Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. They help to capture cars’ number plates more accurately, which aids authorities in traffic management.

Image Source: Mothership

Specific driving regulations are implemented for the safety of all road users, and it is essential for us to abide by the traffic rules!


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