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What Is A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)?

You may have come across the term ‘Tyre Pressure Monitoring System’ (TPMS) before. However, are you aware of what it does, and how it can help you get a better and safer driving experience?

Get yourself acquainted with what a TPMS is, and make the best out of your drive with this simple yet useful tool!


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TPMS is an electronic system that helps to monitor your tyre pressure, and alerts drivers when air pressure falls dangerously low in any of the tyres.


A TPMS helps to alert you in advance should there be a tyre puncture or leak. This gives you ample time to get your tyre changed before you get stuck on the road and require to get your car towed.

Additionally, unbalanced tyres can be dangerous when you travel. This is because the weight of the car will be unevenly distributed on the tyres of different pressure, which may cause your car to be less stable when making manoeuvres or sharp turns on the roads.

Hence, a TPMS would greatly help you to identify which tyres need to be inflated or changed.


There are two types of TPMS – indirect and direct, which work slightly differently from each other.


An indirect TPMS makes use of wheel speed sensors attached to the anti-lock brake system. These help to measure the rate of wheel revolution to estimate the relative size of the tyres, and to check if the tyre is underinflated. Since it is just measuring the rate of revolution, it may be inaccurate if your new tyres differ in size from the previous set of tyres.


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Conversely, a direct TPMS uses pressure monitoring sensors that are embedded within each tyre to measure individual pressure levels. It is able to transmit data from individual sensors to the control module to analyse whether tyre pressure is low.

Some vehicles come with a pre-installed TPMS which you can make use of, while others may require a manual installation of one. Regardless, we highly encourage you to put the TPMS to good use for a smoother and safer drive.

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