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Electric Car Rental In Singapore

SINGAPORE – Ever been curious to drive an electric car (EV)? Not sure about the prices? Or perhaps where to rent one in Singapore? As Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat mentioned, Singapore plans to gradually phase out Internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles by 2040. Since then, the government started giving out incentives such as rebates to buyers of electric vehicles.

If you’re still not convinced to switch to an EV and wanted to rent one for trying sake, here’s a list of electric vehicles now available for rental.

Electric Car Rentals

Audi On DemandElectric Vehicles: Where Can I Rent One?

Audi is one of the automotive brands offering electric vehicle (EV) rentals too. With a flexible duration of use for each vehicle. Some can be as short as just four hours. One of which available on their platform is the Audi e-tron 55 quattro. If you would like to find out more about the 55 quattro, we have a review here for ya.

Rent a TeslaElectric Vehicles: Where Can I Rent One?

Fancy yourself driving a Tesla? If you decide to opt against buying one, Hong Seh Motors offers rental services for the Tesla Model 3 and other marques.
With tenure periods below five years and four packages to choose from. Coverage includes Comprehensive insurance & road tax, Complimentary collection and delivery and more. You can rent your Tesla right here. However, if you’re still unsure what to expect of the Model 3, you can read all about it here. 

GrabRentalsElectric Vehicles: Where Can I Rent One?

Having added 200 Hyundai Kona EVs to its fleet earlier this year, it’s clear ride-hailing giant Grab is fuelling up for changes in the way we get around. It costs S$84.95/day (min. four months) to S$79.95/day (min. 24 months), excluding a deposit of S$800.

Compared to a petrol SUV, Grab boasts how much more you can save daily when driving the Hyundai Kona. And with Singapore adding more charging points around us, perhaps you would be giving this more consideration. You can find out how affordable it is to rent Grab’s Hyundai Kona right here. If you’re still uncertain what to expect from the car, we have a review here for you.

Hertz Singapore

Electric Vehicles: Where Can I Rent One?

Now you can actually rent a fully electric BYD from S$90.95 per day. Not to mention free delivery and collection services worth $100 (minimum 5 days rental). Click here to find out more. And if you’re still having doubts about this ride, check out our article on the BYD e6 here.

blueSGElectric Vehicles: Where Can I Rent One?

A common sight among heartland car parks around us, by now this name must’ve been no stranger to you. The Electric-car sharing service announced that it had reached its millionth rental since launching its car-sharing programme in 2017. It cost S$15/month (year-long subscription) + S$0.33/minute, or S$0.50/minute (min. 15-min rental).

To make things clearer, you’d be paying S$9.90 per 30-min ride with a 12-month plan. Comparably, driving on an ad-hoc basis would cost you S$15 per 30-min ride. Find out more here.

EV Taxi Services

JustGrab Green


Avid Grab users would have known this by now. The app offers a ride on a hybrid or electric vehicle as part of Grab’s drive to become more sustainable. You also have the option of paying an additional S$0.10 to contribute to eco-friendly projects, which Grab will match for up to three million rides.

In their bid to reduce carbon emissions, JustGrab Green has employed a fleet of vehicles that meet the Vehicular Emissions Scheme (VES) A2 emissions standard, such as the Hyundai Kona Electric or the Toyota Prius.

SMRT Strides Taxi


If you haven’t seen it, you soon will. SMRT announced that commuters would soon be able to catch a ride on one of their new fully electric taxis as 15 MG5 station wagons hit the roads at the end of August last month. The first batch of 300 China-made electric taxis will be rolled out here by the end of this year in a reported $30 million deal between SMRT’s taxi arm, now called Strides Taxi, and distributor Eurokars. You definitely won’t miss it as it’s decked out in bright green. We haven’t seen it, but we did review the MG 5 EV on our Instagram below. Do check out the full review on


With EVs seemingly more prominent on the roads, perhaps this could be your next topic of discussion when you’re out having coffee.

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