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We Rate The Best Car Cameras For Drivers In Singapore

Collisions on the road can land you into very confusing situations. Protect yourself by relying on eye witnesses to provide true accounts on what happened. But how can you do that in the best way possible? A vehicle camera will come in handy. Whether you call it a dash cam, car recorder or in-car camera, it is used to record footage while you are driving or parking. Use it to warrant yourself against hit-and-runs, theft or accidents. We found 9 of these reliable eyewitnesses as your driving cam-didate, and let’s see what develops from there!

Car camera Singapore

They come in different shapes and sizes, with varied functions, resolutions and different special modes. Look for some of these in 10 best car accessories shops and installers around Singapore,


Thinkware F770

thinkware ucars camera

Photo source: Boundary Car Care UK

Thinkware F770 is your trusted eyewitness for top car security. It comes with a 1080p Full HD front-facing camera and a Super Night Vision that enhances video brightness in dimly lit spaces. After ignition is switched off, the device remains recording in its Parking Mode. Likewise, its Time Lapse Mode enables continued surveillance for your car for an extended period, while saving on memory card space. The Dual Save Technology allows users to store recorded footage in both SD card and internal storage. This proves to be useful when an impact to the car damages the SD card.



  • 1080p Full HD front-facing camera
  • Optional 1080p Full HD rear facing camera
  • Dual Save Technology
  • Super Night Vision
  • Time Lapse Mode
  • Parking Mode for continued surveillance when parked
  • Road Safety Warning Systems
  • Playback via Mobile App


Transcend DrivePro 220

transcend ucars car camera

Photo source: Memory C

The DrivePro 220 is made to protect car drivers in the day or at night. It automatically adjusts to different lightings to capture road details clearly, such as license plates. The camera also integrates a 130° lens angle for wider coverage. With a built-in GPS, GPS coordinates, date and time are recorded together with the video footage. Not only that, the GPS coordinates can also help to pin your location for contact with the Emergency Road Service, police or insurance company in the case of accidents.



  • Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)
  • Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS)
  • Speed Alarm Alert
  • Parking Mode activated when impact detected
  • Two year Limited Warranty


Marbella KR8S Pro

marbella car camera ucars

Photo source: Shopee

The KR6S Pro is Marbella’s flagship car camera. A compact design with separate remote controls, users can conceal it easily in the car. It can operate at temperature between -20°C and 70°C, so you do not have to worry about using it even in Singapore’s hot weather. Despite its first-rate features, it uses one of the lowest electrical consumption in the market. This also translates to efficient energy usage for its Parking Mode, as it is able to run beyond 48 hours without an external battery.



  • Full HD 1080p 
  • 140° Wide Angle
  • 256GB of Storage
  • Inclusive of free installation
  • Built-in WIFI


BlackVue DR900X

Photo source: BlackVue Singapore

BlackVue hits the sweet spot of dash cams without additional frills. The dash cam has a WiFi signal that lets a smartphone pull footage from the dash cam instantly. You don’t even need to remove the memory card or use a computer for playbacks. ?Get optimal resolution without incurring high storage space because of its High Efficiency Video Coding. It is also priced reasonably for those looking for a mid-ranged model that performs the job well. 



  • Impact Detection
  • WifFi for smartphone connection
  • Parking Mode
  • BlackVue Cloud for easy monitoring
  • High Efficiency Video Coding


Marbella VR4 Full HD Car Dashcam

Photo source: Shopee

This piece of work is crafted with drivers in mind. Its affordable cost lets more drivers be able to protect their vehicle. The Marbella VR4 is nimble at 60 grams, with a 3-inch LCD viewing screen. All videos will be recorded at a 120° wide view angle lens in 1080P video quality. With a 32GB microSD support, you can record more than 8 hours easily before the oldest stored files are overwritten. Features like Auto-Start Recording, Loop-Recording, and G-Sensor video protection automatically lock an important recording upon sudden impact to the car.



  • Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • Night Vision
  • G-Sensor protection of recording
  • Power source from USB, DC Power Adapter or car charger
  • Motion Detection
  • Dedicated button for File protection


Apeman C770 Dash Cam

apeman ucars car camera

Photo source: Lazada

Its large 3-inch touch screen lets you do more with just your fingertips. Shooting at 4K Ultra HD quality in Single-lens mode, you can rest assured that important details are captured. The GPS function allows you to easily track location, direction, speed, date, and time. Its revamped G-Sensor automatically turns on the Emergency Recording to save crucial footages. Other functions include Loop Recording, Motion Detection, Parking Monitoring and Time lapse, which can make recording easier. 



  • 8.5 Megapixels
  • 3-inch Touchscreen
  • In-built GPS
  • G-sensor for Emergency storage
  • Time Lapse
  • Motion Detection
  • Parking Mode


Anker Roav Dual Dash Cam

anker car camera

Photo source: Shopee

The front and interior wide-angle cameras grant you full coverage. Capture the road ahead and your vehicle’s interior in crisp 1080p. Its enhanced NightHawk Vision technology delivers razor-sharp night-time clarity. The built-in GPS automatically records your driving route, location, and speed, ensuring you have all the information for every journey you take. DashCam Duo’s parking mode keeps an eye on your vehicle 24 hours a day. 



  • Full HD 1080p Dual cameras
  • Free 1-year Local warranty
  • 24/7 Parking mode and G-sensor
  • NightHawk Vision technology


Ekleva Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

Photo source: Lazada

Kill two birds with one stone with the futuristic Rear View mirror which is also a 12-inch car camera. Equipped with Sony image sensor IMX335, you can navigate the device simply with its touch screen. Users are impressed with the clear night vision and dual-lens sprint camera. When a collision occurs, trust Ekleva’s G sensor to automatically lock the video. Loop recording ensures that the SD card storage is never used completely. The Huawei Hi3556 chip also dispel heat quickly by greatly reducing the power usage of the chip when recording.



  • 24-hour Parking monitoring
  • Touch screen
  • 6 Months warranty and after-sales service within one day
  • G-sensor video protection


YI 89036 Nightscape Dash Camera

Photo source: Amazon

Experience their top-notch 1080p HD camera optics, even in low lighting. The Nightscape dash cam combines six lenses to focus light and reveal ultra fine details and crisp color contrasts across a wide 140° degree FOV. Drive safer with their Safe Driver Assisted Technology. With an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), it detects and alerts against potential dangers including lane departure, and front collision. Even in extreme conditions (between -22°F to 185°F), count on the YI Nightscape to capture every moment. No more worrying about your dash cam overheating in Singapore.



  • Safe Driver Assisted Technology
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)
  • 100% battery free


Car Dashcam Singapore

Let these car dash cams give your family and car the safety it needs. Have a peace of mind when driving in dark places, parking or even when accidents occur. Make a practical choice with these recommendations from us! Learn where to get car accessories like dashcams in Top Car Accessories Shops And Installers In Singapore. 

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