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BMW Unveils A 31-Inch 8K Car Display At CES

BMW Unveils A 31-Inch 8K Car Display At CES

LAS VEGAS – At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), BMW unveiled Theatre Screen, a new in-car technology. A 31-inch, 8K display that BMW claims can be integrated into the roof of premium vehicles and lowered to turn the rear seats into a “private movie lounge.”

Did someone say 8K?

The screen itself boasts an 8K resolution of around 8000 x 2000 pixels. It also supports 16:9, 21:9, and 32:9 aspect ratios. It’s a Fire TV device, which means most contemporary video streaming services and other Fire TV applications stream through the car’s own 5G connection.

BMW Unveils A 31-Inch 8K Car Display At CES

My Mode Theatre is a new setting introduced by the Theatre Screen. The screen lowers from the roof when this mode is engaged, accompanied by a music cue composed by legendary composer Hans Zimmer. The screen is operated by touchpads on the back doors, and it works in combination with the Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system. BMW added that “the roller sunblinds for the side windows and the rear window are closed and the ambient lighting in the rear of the vehicle is dimmed.” Honestly, it sounds like an excellent way to watch a film. Pretty cool huh?

Welcome onboard Fire TV

In addition, smart TV functions come as standard, with those smarts provided by Amazon. The German automaker partnered with Amazon to add the Fire TV experience to its giant 8K screen. This allows rear passengers will be able to watch content across different apps, stream music, and much more.

Although there is hardly any 8K content online now, the Fire TV integration will push 4K content. BMW says a version for China comes with a local streaming alternative. As of now, BMW did not mention when it will be available or how much would this new technology cost.

That being said, has BMW set the new ‘standard’ for in-car entertainment? One can only wonder.

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