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Affordable & Reliable Car Trackers You Can Buy

A car remains one of the most expensive possessions, especially with Certificate of Entitlement (COE) in Singapore. Protect your vehicle from theft and unwarranted activities. How can you do that easily? The answer lies in car trackers! For commercial fleets, businesses can even use car trackers to optimise your fleet’s driving behaviours and routes. Explore your options with us, here are 6 car trackers with different smart features that can ultimately boost your car security.

Car trackers Singapore

Find out where your vehicle is within seconds with these smart vehicle tracking GPS devices!


ucars cartrack

Photo source: Car track

Cartrack has built a strong reputation in 23 countries worldwide for their car tracker. It can track the location of your car via the Cartrack mobile app. Besides that, it can receive app alerts when your vehicle is moved, engine starts, or any unauthorised vehicle activity. For businesses, it can store trip information of driver behaviour, fuel consumption, risk management report, and so on. Cartrack is a powerful tool to have for securing your vehicle.


Orbit Smart Tracker ORB520 – Candy Red

Photo source: Shopee

Said to be one of the best tracker in Singapore, this small device may just save your life. Keep this tracker in your car and you can find it within seconds through your smartphone. When your Orbit tracker is within your range, it rings a sound to alert you. What’s better is that it uses batteries, has no product wastage, and no yearly subscription.

TKStar GPS Tracker

tk starPhoto source: Wish
This little device is an underdog with its endurance. Its battery can last for minimally 5 months, much longer than typical trackers. Some features include real-time tracking, emergency buttons, Google Maps affiliation, and enabled messaging. It can even withstand multiple hits if you drop it. Feel safe with TKStar Tracker.


overdrive car tracker

Photo source: Overdrive Facebook

Drive easily with Overdrive’s industry-leading vehicle tracking system. They ensure that they use valuable data to help personal or business use to move more efficiently. Their software is also the missing gap to better productivity for many companies in delivery, logistics and freight industries. Improve how you manage your fleets with Overdrive and their robust systems.

The Silent Car Alarm 

car alarm ucars

Photo source: The Silent Car Alarm

Like its name suggests, this tool can track your car anywhere, at any time. For new users, you can get up to GPS installation in your car and a 2 year data plan for free. Use it to know the location of your car, such as tracking the whereabouts of your children or spouse. Join more than 2000 users in Asia today by amping up your car security. Click here for Singapore’s resellers.

Grid Plus


Photo source: Grid Plus

Endorsed by Enterprise Singapore and IMDA Singapore, Grid Plus lets you manage your fleet while maximising its fullest potential. Improve on-road behaviour of your drivers with their Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Driver Status Monitor. Apart from tailored solutions for your Fleet, you can also get flexible and scalable end-to-end service from them.


Car tracker Singapore

From safeguarding your personal car to a fleet of vehicles, we understand the importance of it all. Ease car anxieties with this tiny but powerful gadget. Never fret about the avoidable troubles of not finding your car again. This list of GPS trackers is your solution to a lasting peace of mind.

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