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Having Concerns About Going Far With EVs? Mobile Charging Services Are Here To Ease Them

As adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) become more widespread globally, one of the main concerns that drivers have is: “What happens when I run out of battery?”

This concern stems from the worries of insufficient infrastructure supporting EV users, especially when it comes to the (lack of) sufficient charging stations citywide. And even so, there needs to be a backup plan even when such infrastructures are present.

SparkCharge and FreeWire are companies that have gotten funding from investors for their battery-based mobile chargers.

FreeWire started out with the Mobi EV charger (a charger on wheels) and the Boost charger, which is a DC fast charger unit costing almost half the price of typical fast chargers to install. The company believes in coming up with solutions to overcome the lack of infrastructure in a fast and cost-effective way.

SparkCharge brings charging solutions to you. Image Source: Charged EVs Magazine

SparkCharge is also another company that has a modular fast-charging system that can provide up to 20 kw of continuous power. It claims that the system’s hardware can provide “a mile per minute of charging”, which roughly amounts to 1.6 km for every minute charged.

The company is looking to provide roadside assistance, concierge services through a mobile application as a supplement to its technology. Drivers can call for on-demand charges at a specific time and place, especially when charging stations are not available in their vicinity.

EV manufacturer Rivian intends to incorporate its proprietary battery technology into their electric trucks. Image Source: Automotive News

EV car manufacturers are also working on incorporating additional battery solutions into their vehicles. Rivian is currently working on developing such a technology for its off-road-capable electric trucks.

Owning an EV may be a daunting thought for most drivers, but it gives rise to such solutions to address the various concerns of potential owners. As companies go beyond in providing technologies catered to EVs, perhaps it is time for us to consider going far into the future with EVs.

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