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Mitsuoka Buddy: A Man’s Best Friend

After two years, Mitsuoka Motor is finally back with a new vehicle.

Mitsuoka Motor announced the upcoming release of the ‘Buddy’ on 24 September 2020, making it automotive company’s first-ever SUV. Having only made sedans and coupes in the past, this is a remarkable concept that is highly anticipated by many Mitsuoka lovers out there.

In its teaser site, the Mitsuoka Buddy is described to be “natural and rough”, yet carries a certain “sensibility and sympathy” that people would tend to associate with a tough and tender fatherly figure. As with all Mitsuoka vehicles, the Buddy is said to reflect “The Self” of the user, across all generations.

Die-hard Mitsuoka fans would know that similar to other models such as the Orochi and the Rock Star, Mitsuoka is likely to only produce a limited number of units of the Buddy. 

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Though the official Mitsuoka Motor press release is extremely elusive about the specifics of the car, this does not stop Mitsuoka lovers from making speculation about the Buddy.

The new Buddy SUV is rumored to be based on the Toyota Harrier or RAV4 platform, which means we can probably expect the same 2.5L powertrain under the hood.

1972 Nissan Skyline

Source: The Drive

1970 Jeep Wagoneer

Source: Wikipedia

No news on the car’s finalised design but from the teaser images on the Mitsuoka teaser site, we can discern some hints of the 1972 Nissan Skyline and Jeep Wagoneer in the hood design. The headlights look similar to the units on a classic Chevrolet Suburban. However, knowing Mitsuoka’s penchant for flamboyantly styled cars, we may expect an SUV that’s a cross between a Jeep Wagoneer or an old Cherokee. Or maybe, even a Ford Bronco.

But that’s just our guess – do let us know what vintage car you think the Buddy would be based off of, or if, just like the Orochi, it would be yet another completely unique design from the works of leading designer at Mitsuoka, Takanori Aoki.


Known for its extraordinarily detailed and uniquely designed vehicles, Mitsuoka Motor is the 10th recognised automobile manufacturer in Japan. With almost 40 years of experience creating beautifully hand-crafted Kei cars, sedans and coupes in the heart of Toyama City, there is nothing more exciting than seeing this established brand create their very own vision of an SUV.

The Buddy is slated to be officially released late in November 2020. Stay tuned for more updates on the Mitsuoka Buddy, and future updates on Mitsuoka by following Mitsuoka Singapore on their Facebook page!

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