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The New Nissan Note e-POWER Lands In Singapore

Tan Chong Motor Sales, the Authorised Distributor of Nissan in Singapore has launched the latest iteration of Nissan’s best-selling hatchback, the Nissan Note.

Image Source: Nissan Motor Corporation

The third-generation Nissan Note is also the third e-POWER vehicle in Nissan Singapore’s line-up. Incidentally, it is also the third best-selling car in Japan back in 2020.

Image Source: Nissan Motor Corporation

Externally, the new Note is a lot more streamlined than the model that preceded it. Like other cars with the e-POWER drivetrain, the grill does include the signature chrome V-motion grille design, albeit slightly more subdued than the other models. The grille blends into the car’s full LED headlights and daytime running lights.

The entire front of the car appears to be completely flat and devoid of stylistic creases and curves. The same can be said for the sides of the car, save for a slight notch over the hindquarters that meld into the rear tail lamps, and creases on the wheel arches to give the side profile a little more depth.

Image Source: Nissan Motor Corporation

The new Note is actually marginally shorter and lower than its predecessor. But its boot capacity has been expanded to 370-litres, 40 more than the older car. Headroom and Legroom are also improved compared to the previous generation.

Image Source: Nissan Motor Corporation

The cabin sees a major upgrade over the previous model, now with a fully digital gauge cluster that measures 7-inch across. There is also a new 9-inch infotainment screen that supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Image Source: Nissan Motor Corporation

The car also comes with a suite of safety features, such as Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure Warning, Intelligent Trace Control which brakes individual wheels to ensure the vehicle’s trajectory, and a new intelligent rearview mirror that has an LCD monitor for better rear visibility in bad weather.

Image Source: Nissan Motor Corporation

Unlike previous generations of the Nissan Note, this third-generation model is only available with a single powertrain option: Nissan’s proprietary e-POWER series hybrid system, just like in the Nissan Serena e-POWER MPV and Nissan Kicks e-POWER crossover.

Unlike the other two cars which use the EM57 synchronous motor from the Nissan Leaf, the new Note e-POWER uses Nissan’s second-generation e-POWER electric motor and inverter that sends 114 horsepower to the front wheels. That puts it comfortably within the Category A COE range, just like the Nissan Kicks. But the Note’s torque figures have been increased to 280Nm, 20 more torques than you get in the larger crossover.

Under the hood of the Note is the same HR12DE 1.2-litre three-cylinder “generator” you’ll find in the other two cars. But as part of the second-generation upgrades, the engine has been calibrated to run at lower RPMs and engage less frequently during normal driving conditions. Additional insulation in the cabin further reduces the NVH drivers will experience in the car.

Image Source: Nissan Motor Corporation

The car can even switch on the engine to charge the battery pack when it detects higher levels of noise on rougher road surfaces, allowing the car to run on full electric power in quieter conditions.

The drivability of the e-POWER drive train is hugely popular in Singapore. As of today, e-POWER vehicles make up almost 50% of Nissan’s sales. As per statistics shown in the Nissan Futures virtual webinar, 30% of vehicle owners are willing to make the switch to an electrified vehicle. With the addition of the new Note, consumers will have a new alternative to choose from, should they prefer a hatchback over a crossover or MPV.

The Nissan Note e-POWER starts from $99,800 and is offered in two trim levels: Lite and Premium. The car comes with complimentary servicing up to 50,000km, with a 10-year warranty for the lithium-ion battery pack and a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty.

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