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November 2020 Highlights: New Car Releases

The month of November 2020 saw a great deal of car releases. Despite the coronavirus, it seems that the automotive industry is still making waves, even with virtual launches owing to safe distancing measures. Here are some of UCARS’s top picks for the month;

2022 Honda Civic Prototype

Source: ©2020 American Honda Motor Co., Inc

Honda has finally lifted the covers off the new 2022 Honda Civic prototype. The 11th Generation Civic was revealed on a Twitch livestream event, after numerous teasers showcasing the restyled exterior cues. The design of the new Civic strays away from the sportback-style design of the 10th generation FC/FK models, appearing more “Accord-like” and grown up. The prototype features oval exhausts housed within a gloss black bumper, with a body coloured rear diffuser. The rims are now black 19-inch alloys, which do help with the sportier appearance. The 11th Gen Civic Type-R has been spotted testing recently with similar rims, so its likely the production of the 11th Gen civic will stay true to the design we see here. No word on powertrain options yet, but there are rumours that the Civic will have an AWD option. Fingers crossed.

The New Lexus IS hits Singapore’s shores


The new facelifted Lexus IS is now available in Singapore. The new design features slimmer headlights and a strip of rear LED taillamps that span across the boot. The overall look of the new IS brings it up to par with its bigger siblings such as the GS and the LS models, and the F Sport variant looks properly aggressive. There are two models available here in Singapore. The IS 300 with a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder that produces 241 horsepower, and the IS 350 F Sport with a 3.5L naturally aspirated V6 that produces 311 horsepower. Prices for the IS 300 start at S$198,800, while the IS 530 F sport is going for an estimated S$243,800. A hybrid IS 300h is also expected to hit our shores next year. But given that this is the 7th year of the third generation IS, this facelift may be the final iteration of the compact executive car from Lexus.

BMW 4 Series Coupe for sale in Singapore

Source: BMW AG

The BMW 4 series coupe is now on sale in Singapore, and it is available in both the 420i M Sport and 430i M Sport Pro variants with prices starting at S$218,888 and S$266,888 respectively. Both models feature BMW’s turbocharged 2.0L B48 engine in various states of tune; 184bhp in the 420i and 258bhp in the 430i. The latter model features more performance upgrades over the “standard” 420i, with adaptive suspension and dampers, 19-inch rims with M Sport brakes. The 420i has to make do with just the M Sport suspension package and M Sport brakes, which is already plenty of kit for a smidge under $220k. But the 430i can be optioned with an electronically locking differential, which should make track work rather interesting.

The New Bentley Bentayga

Source: © Copyright 2020 Bentley Motors

Following a virtual launch event (due to safe distancing measures), the new Bentley Bentayga is now going on sale in Singapore. The design of the car has been tweaked and improved from the original luxury SUV. The taillights are now oval and more similar to the ones found on the Continental GT, without the distinctive “B” shape in the housing. And the headlights are also reminiscent of the cut-crystal design on the Continental GT and Flying Spur. For the time being, the Bentayga is only being offered with a 4.0L turbocharged V8 that produces 550bhp and 770Nm of torque. Unfortunately, the W12 engine is no longer available in the normal model, but the upcoming Bentayga Speed will still have the massive 6.0L engine when it arrives in 2021.

Mitsuoka Buddy

Source: Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd.

After months of speculation and guesswork, the new Mitsuoka Buddy SUV has been revealed and is finally going on sale. As predicted in our previous post, the Buddy looks inspired by a 70’s American SUV. Under the reworked skin, the Buddy sits on the Toyota RAV4 platform, with identical powertrain options (2.5L four-pots, with hybrid variants) and a slightly redesigned interior. As with most cars from this quirky carmaker, the Buddy will be a limited production run. Mitsuoka expects to build 50 examples of the Buddy in 2021, with deliveries to begin in the second quarter. Production will increase to 150 vehicles in 2022. But this still makes it a rather rare specimen. And certainly striking.

Infiniti QX55

Source: INFINITI Motor Company 

The misters at Nissan have come up with their very own take of the coupe-SUV niche. Behold, the Infiniti QX55. Inspired by the larger FX mid-sized crossover, the QX55 is essentially a QX50 with the C-pillars chopped and the roof lowered to give it a sleeker, fastback styled body. Like the QX50, the QX55 has a 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder that produces 268 horsepower. It is also based on the MFA2 platform that also underpins several cars in the Mercedes lineup.

992-Generation Porsche 911 GT3 preview

Source: BBC TopGear

We’ve seen sneak previews and spy shots of the new 992-generation Porsche 911 GT3. But late last week we had the clearest glimpse of the coveted supercar in the last few months. Amid a sea of GT3 and GT2 race cars at Porsche HQ, Andreas Preuninger lifted the cover off the new GT3 for a split second in an interview with TopGear’s Chris Harris. Porsche remains tight lipped about the GT3, only confirming that it’ll have a naturally aspirated 4.0L flat-six engine, and it’ll be available with a PDK or a manual gearbox.

McLaren Artura

Source: Motortrend

McLaren Automotive announced the name of their newest hybrid creation. The new car will be called the Artura, which deviates from McLaren’s usual way of naming cars after test subjects (much like the Elva and Senna). The Artura will have a V6 mated to an electric motor, unlike its other V8 models, and is expected to produce upwards of 562 horsepower (rivalling that of the McLaren 570S). The Artura will utilise Mclaren’s new carbon lightweight architecture (MCLA) platform, which will be designed from the ground up in England. Will the Artura be a watered-down version of the infamous P1 hypercar? Only time will tell. But lately, given various manufacturers’ propensity for building hybrid supercars, it might just be the next big thing.

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