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Top Hybrid & Electric Cars To Consider In Singapore

We think there are plenty of reasons to go for hybrid and electric cars. There’s something about the quiet, smooth, instant acceleration, and the low running costs. Even servicing becomes cheaper because there are much less moving parts than a regular vehicle. As of now, the biggest drawback would be the accessibility of charging stations.

Good news though – more public charging stations are sprouting up around the island as we speak. In Singapore, we are encouraged by the state to move towards this eco-friendly change. This means more savings with the Vehicle Emission Scheme (VES).

Top Hybrid and Electric Cars in Singapore

A big difference between hybrid and electric vehicles is their fuel type. Both have a battery that can be recharged with electricity. But, hybrid cars can also run on petrol.

Toyota Noah Hybrid

hyrbid car noah toyota ucars

Photo source: Toyota CH-R


In addition to high combined power, the Toyota Noah Hybrid offers a low and efficient fuel consumption of 22km/L. This seven seater is Toyata’s bold modern rendition on hybrid vehicles. Be the life of the party no matter if you are running errands or out for a night. Travel around in style with its elegant colour coats like Avant Garde Bronze Metallic, Bordeaux Mica Metallic. This functional large vehicle comes with a fully efficient and large cargo space with underfloor storage. Not to mention the luxury of flexible seating arrangement, including long slider middle passenger seats. For the young or the aged folks, this vehicle makes boarding and alighting the vehicle a straightforward affair with its dual power sliding doors and spacious interior. 


Honda Shuttle Hybrid

honda shuttle hybrid ucars

Photo source: UCARS


The engine in the Honda Shuttle Hybrid is an Atkinson cycle 1.5L Earth Dreams i-VTEC. In short, it is one of the most advanced systems that drives not only performance, but efficiency as well. The top power stands at 101 kW and 134 Nm of torque. Together with the extra oomph of the electric motor, people who are used to manual gear will appreciate the responsiveness of the gearbox. If you are concerned about parking this large vehicle, you would have no such troubles after you experience the rear parking sensors of this model. The Honda Shuttle is quiet, composed and you always feel confident behind the wheel.


Honda Vezel Hybrid

Photo source: Honda


This is your practical and trusted road companion. The Honda Vezel Hybrid has quickly climbed to the peak recently as one of the most preferred cars in the private-hire car industry. Why? The compact SUV is built for the modern driver with its ability to squeeze through tight urban confines experiences, all while maintaining a smooth ride. Its fuel consumption is impressive as well. The car’s control systems are engineered to enhance your driving experience, like the keyless push start, cruise control (with steering switches), electronic parking brake (with automatic release and hold functions). The seven-inch information-entertainment touch screen panel, while practical in being a reverse camera display, also exudes a luxurious style. 


Toyota Prius Alpha Hybrid 

prius alpha ucars hybrid

Photo source: Toyota


Prius offers incredible fuel efficiency and environmental performance. Masterfully made possible with Toyota’s cutting-edge hybrid research, Toyota Prius Alpha Hybrid stands at the top of our list. A spacious interior which offers multiple seat arrangements, this represents how hybrid vehicles evolve to meet the needs of everyday lifestyles. In fact, the vehicle is available in two interior configurations: a five-seat, two-row model and a seven-seat, three-row model, the latter’s third row allowed by a space-saving lithium-ion drive battery. Pruis Alpha’s aerodynamic form and its low mass hence allow a fuel efficiency of 31.0 km/l, the highest level in its class 2.


Toyota Voxy Hybrid

hybrid ucars voxy

Photo source: UCARS


Not one to be missed on the road, the massive Toyota Voxy Hybrid arrives with a vast presence on the road. The spacious seven-seater cabin can house occupants comfortably. In fact, the popular midsize minivan is in the flagship of Toyota. Its ECO-driving mode is smartly positioned on the centre console. This gives drivers the choice to maximise the fuel consumption by adjusting air-conditioning, heated seats, and other elements in your car. Strategically, the design also decreases the engine load, which improves overall fuel consumption and driving efficiency. 


Honda Grace Hybrid

Photo source: Integrity Exports


Like its name, this new hybrid car is crafted to execute mobility with elegance. Under the hood, you’ll find the Honda Fit’s Sport Hybrid i-DCD (Intelligent Dual Clutch Drive) system that couples a 1.5 L Atkinson DOHC i-VTEC engine to a seven-speed dual clutch transmission. Powered with an electric motor, the complex system is run by an “Intelligent Power Unit” that uses a lithium-ion battery. This is around 138 hp, with 29 hp driven by the electric motor. 


Bmw 330e Plug-in Hybrid

bmw hybrid electtric cars

Photo source: BMW Plug-in Hybrid


Discover the BMW 330e Hybrid, a celebrated sedan with electrified change-ups. This plug-in hybrid uses a powerful combustion engine that works hand in hand with an electric motor. Expect a mint balance of efficiency and performance you expect from the BMW brand. The four-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor send power through the automatic transmission. Choose a plug-in hybrid to improve the efficiency and elegance of your daily life.


Toyota Yaris Cross

yaris cross ucars hybrid

Photo source: Toyota


Nimble enough for the practical drivers, stylish enough for the city-dwellers. The Toyota Yaris Cross is a surprise blend of agility and power. With advanced safety features, this self-charging hybrid is quietly economical, while optimising on performance. Boosted by the reliability of Toyota’s hybrid systems, the car also feels faster on its own as the instant torque from the electric motor gives it a nice shove. Not forgetting, the crowd’s favourite boot space is large to house anything that matters.


Want to learn more? Read our 2021 Toyota Yaris Cross Review


Hyundai Ioniq 5 

hybrid car ioniq hyundai

Photo source: Insideevs

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is a new electric compact crossover. Debuting in South Korea, it features the latest technology, futuristic structures, and an adaptable interior that fits your needs. Intended as a Hyundai sub-brand, Ioniq has plenty of headroom and legroom even in the rear space. At the front, a movable center console sits, including USB, wireless charging ports for phones. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is a product of the E-GMP all-electric platform and provides a spacious interior with a flat floor. The rear seats can be shifted according to your personal comforts, such as being equipped with armrests, or be folded flat to increase cargo capacity. 

Citroën DS4

ds4 hyrbid cars ucars

Photo source: DS Automobiles


Big wheels, an athletic and streamlined body, DS4’s profile moves fluidly. At the front and rear, the DS4 Matrix LED Vision projector headlights align and extend the futuristic look. DS 4 brings to life “augmented technology”, an exclusive mix of the latest technology and augmented reality. This means greater efficiency, better connectivity and more innovative elements added to the driving experience and your safety.


Nissan Leaf

nissan leaf hybridPhoto source: Car Magazine


Before Tesla came along, Nissan Leaf was a synonymous name to electric cars in the UK. While other car products experiment with producing their first electric vehicle, the Nissan hybrid cars innovation has been well established in the industry. In fact, they are far along their second generation model currently. A Nissan’s technology flagship, the eco-assistance systems reduces performance losses to maximise the battery span. 



tesla ucars electric hyrbid cars

Photo source: Vulcan Post


If any electric car needs no introduction, it’s Tesla. Making a name for itself since its debut, the Tesla models is a breakthrough that shook the electric motoring world. The power of a Tesla is ground breaking, even the most basic Model 3 can achieve 0-100km/h in 5.3 seconds. For all the reasons to go electric, the Tesla shows you that its cars are one of them. Stay updated with our review on 2014 Tesla Model S Review.


Hybrid and electric cars Singapore

We think charging your car beats stopping at a petrol station every week. The VES benefits of switching up the electric powered cars should be embraced. Learn more about The Pros And Cons Of Electric Cars. Moving forward, we are excited about seeing more electric and hybrid cars on the roads, as more electric charging stations in Singapore grow.

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