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Toyota’s Revolutionary Car Battery To Debut In 2021

Akio Toyoda speaks during the unveiling of the 2020 Toyota Supra during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.

The world’s largest automaker is set to launch its game-changing solid-state battery. Not only is this battery a potential solution for the concerns of electric vehicles, it is a promising revolutioniser of the automotive industry. Toyota will be unveiling a prototype of the solid-state battery next year.


The new Toyota solid-state battery is said to allow vehicles to travel up to 500km in a single charge. Furthermore, a recharge from zero to full will be done in just 10 minutes, cutting recharging time by about two-thirds. It is able to fit in even the most compact vehicle without sacrificing any interior space.

Toyota Solid-State Car Battery

Source: Top Speed

Additionally, the solid-state battery is a likely suitable and safer alternative to the conventional lithium-ion batteries. By eliminating the use of aqueous electrolyte solutions, solid-state batteries remove the fire hazards associated with lithium-ion batteries. Not only that, its higher energy density can produce more energy per unit weight compared to lithium-ion batteries.


Toyota plans to be the first automaker to offer an electric vehicle that runs on a solid-state battery. It is currently in the lead with over 1,000 patents relating to solid-state batteries, according to Nikkei Asia.

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Other automakers are also following suit. Nissan Motors is planning to develop its own solid-state battery by 2028. German automaker Volkswagen is also set to produce solid-state batteries in 2025 through a joint-venture with a U.S. startup.

Electric vehicles are expected to see growth in popularity as the world becomes increasingly carbon-lite. This is especially the case in Singapore, as there are plans to shift towards electric vehicles in the next 20 years. With new Vehicle Emission Schemes (VES) and more charging solutions available, it is likely that electric vehicles will be the new norm in the years to come.

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