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The Most Popular Hatchback Cars in Singapore

Hatchbacks have a long-standing reputation for everyday usability, practicality and boot space.

With a rear boot door that opens up and outward to make loading and unloading cargo or groceries easier, smaller dimensions than sedans or MPVs and all-round better visibility, hatchbacks are ideal for new drivers or small families who value the space offered in a small package.

Here are a few of the most popular hatchbacks in Singapore in the recent years.

Suzuki Swift

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Image Source: © Suzuki Australia Pty. Ltd.

The Suzuki Swift has been favoured by many youths and adults alike for its sporty appearance and ease of driving. With short overhangs and a comparatively shorter wheelbase than its rivals, it is ideal for city cruising and navigating the narrowest of turns and corners.

While the third-generation Swift comes with just a 1.0L engine, it weighs just under a ton and boasts 109 horsepower. Also, its’s fuel consumption is rated at 17.5km/L, which makes it immense value for money when you consider its starting price of S$72,900.

Honda Jazz


Image Source: © Copyright Honda 2019

The Honda Jazz, or sometimes marketed as the Honda Fit, is a common sight on Singapore’s roads. Being favoured by most Singaporeans looking for a cheap, reliable and practical everyday hatchback, it’s even being used by driving schools as learner cars.

The facelifted version has several cosmetic changes on the exterior, such as LED daytime running lights and headlights. The interior has remained largely similar and is still impressively roomy for its size. With the 1.3L model starting at S$72,999 and the 1.5L 129-horsepower RS model starting at S$88,999, the Honda Jazz is a serious contender for being the best in its class.

Volkswagen Golf


Image Source: © Volkswagen 2019

The seventh generation of the Volkswagen Golf has come a long way in terms of quality and looks in the recent years.

Sharing the same MQB platform as the Audi A1 and A3, the VW Golf looks rather similar to the previous generation model but the new facelifted model comes with a slew of features and upgrades. These include the digital dashboard, the improved 8-inch infotainment touchscreen and a host of other refinements that consumers have come to expect from continental cars.

The base model 1.4L Golf produces 123 horsepower and gets you 18km/L, which are comfortable figures for the everyday user. But from a performance standpoint, one might consider the Golf GTI and the Golf R.

Mini Cooper


Image Source: © BMW 2019

While MINI has been producing a wide range of cars like the Mini Countryman or the Mini Clubman in the recent years, their focus has always been on the original mini 3-door hatchback. From the original Austin/Morris Mini Cooper S that was first launched in 1961, the Mini has evolved into a practical everyday city cruiser with decent handling characteristics.

This facelifted third-generation Mini Cooper sits on a modified version of the BMW 1 series and X1 platform. In the cabin and under the hood, the BMW influences are even more apparent. With the 7-speed dual clutch steptronic shifter found in most BMWs, a BMW sourced 1.5L 3-cylinder engine, and even some of the features on the infotainment screen and controls are reminiscent of BMW.

All that aside, the Mini Cooper is a modern take on a classic and its charm will endure for generations to come.

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