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Affordable Detailing Products To Preserve The Condition Of Your Car

Your car is a sound financial investment that demands consistent maintenance as failure to do so will result in the loss of its resale value over time. Continuous effort, recurring expense and valuable time are required to ensure that your car is kept in immaculate condition, both internally and externally. As such, a basic car wash will not suffice to keep your car looking clean and road-ready, you need the help of car detailing experts too.

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Yet, most car owners are skeptical about seeking professional help because of the stigma around it being expensive and unreasonable. However, there are still numerous products in the market which are pocket-friendly. With that in mind, we put together 5 products that we reckon detailing enthusiasts should include in their kits.

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Adam’s Tire Shine | S$16.99

While most tire shines on the market are packed with slimy silicones that slowly dry out the tire over time, Adam’s tire shine provides the perfect amount of silicone that is non-greasy and will not run or sling when properly applied on all vehicle tire types. It is also a perfect alternative to the avoid messy over-spray on your wheels and fenders that you would expect from a traditional tire shine.

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Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam | From S$13.65

Dishwashing detergents are heavy-duty degreasers which makes them ideal for removing extreme debris and dirt. However, the downside is that chemicals in these detergents will also strip any polymers or wax coatings that are on the car, leaving the surface vulnerable and unprotected. To help the wax last longer, Chemical Guys car foamer is a pH balanced luxury auto wash that emulsifies dirt and grime enabling it to be gently lifted off the surface.

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Meguiar’s X2010 Supreme Shine™ Microfiber Towel | S$15.00

Recycling stained, torn or otherwise unwearable textiles into car detailing tools might be resourceful, but most of these fabrics are stitched with polyester thread, which will scratch a car’s clear coat. Meguiar’s supreme shine is an incredibly plush microfiber towel that produces swirl-free, mirror-like results. The thick, deep dual-sided microfiber pile absorbs two times more than traditional terry towels providing faster wipe off with fewer strokes.

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Nu Finish The Once A Year Car Polish | S$21.90

A cult-favourite among enthusiasts and professionals alike, Nu Finish car polish is an affordable, durable and easy-to-apply paint protectant. Though Nu Finish is labelled a “polish”, a term traditionally used for a substance with light abrasives, it is actually a non-abrasive synthetic polymer formulated to protect the paint. And, because it is a wax-free formula, no heavy rubbing or hard buffing is required. 

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Optimum Car Wax | S$27.50

Designed to enhance and protect a previously polished surface, Optimum car wax is the first and only wax containing UVA and UVB absorbers to shield your paint from all the sun’s harmful rays. The formula combines high-grade carnauba wax and sealant polymers to give you outstanding shine and protection. The carnauba produces a warm, high-impact gloss that is the standard in the auto care industry while the polymers bond the shine to the paint to create the long-lasting durability typical of a synthetic wax.

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If you have other tried-and-tested detailing products that should be added in our listicle, please feel free to relay your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section!

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