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Best Car Polish In Singapore’s Weather

Proper care of a car’s exterior finish is one of the most important car care duties. Contaminants as trivial as bird droppings can harm a car’s paintwork over time. In fact, a car’s paint job is one of the most expensive features to replace and repair. Hence, taking some time to find good car polish products will add years to lustre of a car’s exterior. With forecasts showing rainy showers for the next few weeks, why not give them a try. Keep your car glossy in Singapore’s unpredictable weather!

Recommended car polish product Singapore

Car polish is a car care product that enhances the shine of the paintwork of a vehicle. It mainly removes scratches and dirt. (Related article: Myths About Car Cleaning Tips – Do They Really Work?

Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound

meguiar ucars polish

Photo source: Amazon

Want a fast, easy way to remove oxidation, scratches and swirl marks? Get blown away by the high quality results of Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound. The formula drastically reduces the time and effort required to remove contaminants, giving you the optimal colour intensity. The best part is you don’t even need to rub or polish to see the effects!

Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer

Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer ucars car polish sg

Photo source: Amazon

Sonax is a German car care leading manufacturer worldwide in more than 100 countries. With its easy-to-use features, the Brilliant Shine Detailer is the perfect choice when you really want your car to retain its original shine. Happy customers are excited to share that the glossy results have gathered many praises, even from strangers.

Waxco Liquid Car Wax

ucar car polish singapore waxco

Photo source: Eezee

This is the product to look out for if you want a brilliant shine for your dull looking metallic or non-metallic vehicle bodies. It contains a superior polymer compound, which protects against water, dirt, detergent, pollution, abrasion and weathering. This results in an enhanced and velvety smooth car surface.

Permanon Platinum

Photo source: Permanon

Users are impressed with the car care results from Permanon! They commend on the affordable price point and getting maximum value for their money. Gold Line PSI+14 makes the paint shine and leaves it the car surface smooth to touch. The firm is also proud of its environmentally friendly technology for car care. With this, your car will look as good as new.

Autoglym Super Resin Polish 

Photo source: Lazada Singapore

Super Resin Polish imparts an exceptionally high gloss shine to all types of new or mildly blemished automotive paintwork, from metallic, water-based to lacquered finishes. After application, the paintwork becomes highly resistant to deterioration from environmental contaminants and weather conditions like UV light.


car polish sg ucars automax

Photo source: Cosway

It is said to be a liquid polish and wax that can restore paint coats to its initial showroom shine. AutoMax can instantly remove imperfections to reveal paintwork’s original colour. Their advanced solution of refined natural waxes and silicones forms a tough, protective layer against UV rays, weathering and oxidisation. It is best used on paint 3 years and older.

A1 Speed Polish

car polish singapore ucars a1

Photo source: Wizerides

A1 Speed Polish renews clarity and gloss to your car, just like new lacquer. It only requires minimum effort such as dusting. Use it on all lacquer conditions and types. This includes old or new, metallic or colour lacquers. The product protects and seals the lacquer (up to 3 months) with high-quality Carnauba wax.

Sparx Diamond-Brite Car Polish

ucars sparx polish car singapore

Photo source: Shopee

This high powered cleaning agent specializes in reviving the white or light cars. For a quick, fuss-free and inexpensive way to care for your car, choose Sparx Car Polish. It leaves no streaks or clouding behind, making your car’s surface pristine and smooth.

GETF1 919 Luster Car Wax Cleaner & Polish

ucars getf1 polish car singaporePhoto source: Alibaba

GETF1’s car care product is designed to make car owners’ lives easier and better. This car polish can remove oxidation paint, scratches, road tar and water stains effectively. With this, you can easily restore exterior works to its original color. It is suitable for all types of paint surface.

Car Polish Products in Singapore

Restore the rich colours of your car with these magical formulas! Give it a try – you may find yourself obsessed with how shiny your car looks. (Related article: Affordable Detailing Products To Preserve Your Car’s Condition )

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