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Car Battery Replacement: Everything You Need To Know

Like the heart of a human, a car battery powers the vehicle. Over time, the battery loses some of its ability to hold charge. However, modern vehicles show little to no warning signs of faltering battery health. Your car may not be able to start when you least expect it. Hence, car battery replacement before that occurs is necessary for the safety of drivers and passengers. What are some of the basic things you have to know about replacing your car battery? Read on to find out more!


Functions of a car battery

An automotive battery is a rechargeable cell that gives life to the ignition system of a vehicle. Its key role is to generate electric current to the starting motor. In turn, the engine wakes up and propels the vehicle.


How long does a car battery last?

Usually, a car battery lasts 2 to 3 years. It lasts longer if the vehicle is driven often and the battery is kept fully charged. Conversely, this means that its health also worsens when it remains parked for long periods. The size of the battery matters too. Some can last more than 5 years because larger batteries tend to be more durable. Unfortunately, Singapore’s hot climate cuts the battery’s lifespan by half compared to cooler regions. The high surrounding heat actually causes the chemical reactions to speed up inside the battery’s body. For maximum safety on the road, knowing exactly when your car battery needs to be renewed can someday, come in handy.


What are the telling signs of degrading battery capacity?

Indications of a weakened battery will show up when starting a car. For example, the engine turns over slower than normal or the dash lights may flicker or dim when the ignition is started. Another sign is the windows move slower when the engine is turned off than when it is running. Sometimes, you may also notice how the lights dim when the engine is idling, but becomes brighter again when the engine is reved up. Excessive corrosion at the battery terminals and cables also implies that it is getting weaker. For best accuracy, use a car battery tester.


Tips for a longer car battery life

  1. Clean the battery terminals and connections from time to time. Ensure the connections are secure and free of corrosion. 
  2. If you drive infrequently, avoid draining your battery by taking it for a short drive. Make a few rounds around the block to recharge the battery every week.
  3. Remember how we said that Singapore’s hot weather will worsen your car’s battery health. Whenever possible, choose to park your car indoors instead. 
  4. Switch off all car functions when your car is in idle mode. This includes your radio and air-condition. 
  5. Lastly, remember to turn off all your lights when your engine is running, such as headlights and interior lights.


Car battery replacement tricks for Singaporeans

Give your car the treatment they deserve! Maintain your automobile battery regularly and expect it to serve you longer than what is expected. (Related article: 24H Car Battery Replacement Services In Singapore)

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