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Types Of Car Service Centres In Singapore

Owning a car comes with the responsibility of servicing and maintaining your beloved vehicle. The dilemma you may face is choosing the type of car service centre to visit. What types of car service centres are available in Singapore, and what are the differences?

We explore the selections of car service centres in Singapore, as well as their respective pros and cons. This article will help you gain a better understanding when heading for your next car servicing.


There are two types of car service centres in Singapore – authorised and independent service centres (aka independent workshops). Apart from their names, they differ in the service offered at their centres.

Authorised Service Centres In Singapore
BMW Car Service Centre Singapore

Source: BMW Singapore

Authorised service centres are provided by authorised dealers in Singapore. These include the Honda service centre, Mazda service centre, and BMW service centre amongst others. Although many authorised service centres are located in Leng Kee, there are various centres located islandwide for your nearest convenience.

Authorised service centres specialise in looking after a specific brand of car that the authorised dealer sells. This means the parts they offer are tailored specifically to the manufacturer’s specifications, getting your car back in pristine condition.

During your visit, you can expect to get a full diagnosis of your car before servicing works begin. Authorised service centres provide thorough inspections of your vehicle condition, and the appropriate maintenance works it requires. From brake fluids and oil to wheels and tyres, your car will have its parts taken care of from head to toe. Additionally, some authorised service centres offer exhaust emissions tests to ensure your car is fully road-ready.

Independent Service Centres In Singapore

Independent service centres or workshops are an alternative provided by various car mechanics in Singapore. As the name suggests, they have no affiliation with any specific car brand. While independent workshops are mainly located in Ubi, Kaki Bukit and Sin Ming, there are a multitude of workshops located islandwide.

Oftentimes, independent workshops work on a variety of brands and models. However, there are a number of workshops that specialise in certain types of cars, such as Japanese or Continental, or even brands. Independent workshops are able to bring in various brands of aftermarket parts, hence maximising customisability.

You are guaranteed of the required servicing works that you want to be fixed at independent workshops. Besides the regular maintenance work, however, independent workshops provide customisation services to make your vehicle stand out. These include exterior lamination, engine tweaks, installation of sports kits, and even a full interior makeover!

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There are various advantages and disadvantages to different types of service centres in Singapore. Here, we have listed the main pros and cons of authorised service centres and independent workshops.

Authorised Service Centre: Pros
  • Price transparency – Get what you pay for
  • Warranty for parts
  • Specialised servicing for your car model
  • Readily available spare parts
Authorised Service Centre: Cons
  • Higher costs
  • Limited selection of parts
Independent Workshop: Pros
  • Budget-friendly options available
  • High customisability for aesthetics and performance
  • Servicing for almost any car make and model
Independent Workshop: Cons
  • Hidden costs and extra charges
  • Long waiting time for spare parts

As a rule of thumb…

Authorised service centres usually provide their services at a higher cost than independent service centres and lack customisability of parts. Nevertheless, you can be assured of quality, transparency, and authenticity of parts that are worth every cent.

Conversely, independent service centres have a much lower starting cost and allow for flexibility in alternative spare parts. Do expect long waiting time for parts, and be wary of how to avoid getting ripped off. There are quality service centres located across Singapore, so take advantage of the internet to do your research. 

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