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Weekly Deals: Cars With A Sizeable Boot Space

Most people don’t buy a car just because it offers good boot space. There are many more factors involved, like performance, mileage, looks, or even safety. However, boot space is an important element that you can’t ignore completely.

Whether you’re looking to transport a dog or just really enjoy trips to Ikea, a little extra room always comes in handy. This week, we bring you five cars with a sizeable boot space if you’re big on getting that extra litre in the back.

Audi Q7 2.0A TFSI Quattro TipWeekly Deals: Cars With A Sizeable Boot Space

It’s no surprise when we mentioned cars with sizeable boot space to include this premium seven-seater SUV. Let’s not forget it has 540 litres of room at the back.

KIA SORENTO 2.2(8AT) CRDI 2WD S/RWeekly Deals: Cars With A Sizeable Boot Space

You can’t possibly imagine the nightmare when travelling to Ikea or for groceries per se and not having enough room in the trunk. But when you get 616 litres, the term ‘worry’ wouldn’t exist in your dictionary.


Land Rover Range Rover Velar 3.0AWeekly Deals: Cars With A Sizeable Boot Space

As the saying goes, “You pay for what you get”. This speaks volumes when we’re referring to this Land Rover. And when we mean volumes, we mean 874 litres.

Volvo V60 T4Weekly Deals: Cars With A Sizeable Boot Space

Yes, this is real life. No, it’s not fantasy. For the number of years left in her and more than 500 litres at the back, maybe Christmas came early for you after all.

Volvo V60 Cross Country T5 Sunroof

Perhaps you’re looking for a compelling alternative to an SUV mainstream, then this car could be the one for you. Boot space isn’t stingy at all too.

If these picks aren’t to your liking, check out our Marketplace! We’ve got thousands of great deals available from dealers islandwide.

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