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Weekly Deals: Dealers In The East

Weekly Deals: Dealers In The East

Among all the friendly rivalries in Singapore, the battle between the Easties and Westies is the longest-running and most pervasive. Which side is the best place to live? East, or West? People who are already ‘easties’ say that the East is where the best food is. That it has convenient access to everything and that it is a dealbreaker. This week, we bring you five dealers in the East to support that claim.

M Wheels

Mercedes-Benz E-Class E200 Avantgarde

Weekly Deals: Dealers In The East

M Wheels is one of the dealers that have cars well taken care of. One of such is this E-Class. Considering the years left, I’m starting to believe the Eastside is the best side!

Wheels And Watches Pte Ltd

Honda Civic 1.6A VTi

Weekly Deals: Dealers In The East

Did someone say VTEC engine and sports rims? No wonder there’s a list of potential buyers on this guy. Apart from the prim and proper interior, this could be you cruising along (yes, you guessed it) the Eastside.



Weekly Deals

If you thought this looks like a steal, wait till you check out the other cars 5G Motors have to offer. Given the years left, we honestly believe this is a steal.

TN Auto Trading

Volkswagen Arteon 2.0A TSI R-Line

Weekly Deals

This one’s coming in hot. We’re not sure if you’re a tech-geek. But this car has it all – 360 Area View Camera, 12.3-inch Digital Cluster, not to mention the panoramic roof above.

Trans Express


Weekly Deals

Trans Express sure knows how to put up a show. Amongst their range, this has to be it. We leave that up to you to decide. All we can say – as good as new.

Well, it doesn’t matter if you live in the east or west. Our Marketplace has thousands of great deals available from dealers islandwide.


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