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An Electrifying Time At EV Weekend Singapore 2021

SINGAPORE – And just like that, EV Weekend is over and EV Weekend is gone – for now!

From 3-12 December, thousands of everyday drivers like you came down to Resorts World Sentosa. You experienced and test drove the latest EVs, and gained a better understanding of Singapore’s journey to full adoption of EVs.

ev weekend singapore 2021

We were also delighted to host various industry experts at our Brand and Media Night that took place on December 9th. With everything discussed, perhaps what blew our minds the most was an EV in the works with a range of 1000km. Don’t believe it? Read on for yourself to find out more!

But if you couldn’t join us this year, it’s okay – we’ve got your very own recap waiting for you below.

Looking into the future with Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz

Our Brand and Media Night was live streamed to your homes and we saw leading brands like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz share with us the latest and greatest in their commitment to sustainable automobility.

BMW Group Asia’s Managing Director Lars Nielsen shared with us BMW’s flagship EV, the iX.

bmw ix ev weekend singapore 2021

Produced sustainably with a high proportion of secondary recycled materials from the inside to out, the iX is sure to be the apple of BMW’s EV eyes.

Meanwhile, the CEO and President of Mercedes-Benz Singapore shared with us Mercedes-EQ’s plan for expansion. Watch out for the EQS, EQB, EQV, and EQE as they create an electric alternative for every model they make. And that’s not all – get ready for the Vision EQXX.

mercedes benz ev weekend singapore 2021

It will be presented at the beginning of January 2022 and guess what? It’ll have a real-life range of more than 1000km. That’s right, better clean your glasses so you can read that again! Range anxiety? We don’t know her.

We also had two exciting panel discussions that helped us understand EVs better from an industry and ownership perspective. 

Understanding EVs: An Industry Perspective

Moderated by CarBuyer’s Managing Editor Leow Ju-Len, experts like Koh Xiao Han from Charge+, Lai Wee Leong from ST Engineering, and Randall Lee from Ifyni Pte Ltd shared their views and insights to owning and using electric vehicles in Singapore’s fast advancement towards sustainability. 

ev weekend 2021 understanding EVs panel

In 2021, we jumped from 1200 electric passenger cars to 2400. Lai Wee Leong, AVP of Smart Car Parks and Payments at ST Engineering thinks adoption will only grow even further, as the government has been intentional in creating an infrastructure for operators to grow and incentives for drivers.

All-encompassing app for a seamless experience.

EV owners now face the problem of having to download multiple apps – one for parking, one for the charger by a charging operator, one by another charging operator, the list goes on.

ST Engineering’s vision is to develop an app that allows drivers to charge their EV and pay for parking all within one app. With the technology already in place in China, ST Engineering is looking to bring it to our shores. Imagine that? An all-in-one app for a seamless experience for EV drivers, a little bit like your SGQR code.

EV Weekend 2021 understanding EVs panel

You get a charger, you get a charger, you get a charger, you get a charger! 

Charge+’s Head of Commercial and Operations, Koh Xiao Han, spoke about plans to increase charging points across HDB towns. Regardless of where you live, eventually you will have access to an EV charger. And some of them might even be Charge+’s ultra slim charger that’s only 10cm wide! With LTA’s promise to create 60,000 charging stations across the island by 2030, we can’t wait to see that.

We’re going green, for real. 

A lot goes into the lifetime of an electric vehicle, including what happens to it when it’s disposed of. Randall Lee, Founder of Ifyni, shared his belief that with the infrastructures being created to support electric vehicles, the same will follow to support their disposals, and especially their batteries.

Understanding EVs: An Ownership Perspective

Our second panel of the night was moderated by Derryn Wong, chief editor at CarBuyer. He was joined by Sujay Ravikumar from Electric Vehicle Association of Singapore, Donovan Tan who is Head of Business Development at Interwell Group, Joe Nguyen, President of Tesla Owners Club in Singapore, and our very own Head of Marketplace at UCARS, Siew Leck Hung!

ev weekend singapore 2021 understanding EVs panel

Everyone’s biggest nightmare: Range Anxiety. 

Joe Nguyen, President of the Tesla Owners Club in Singapore (also the guy who self-imported the very first Tesla to Singapore without any official support a few years back), kicked off by tackling the question on everyone’s minds: the fearful range anxiety. With public charging stations rapidly popping up, Joe shared that a simple shift in mindset to plan your trip around charging station locations is all that is needed to combat the fear.

One thing these experts all agreed on was DC – no, not the fast charging! But destination charging. EVAS’ recent survey showed that most Singaporeans were willing to walk a maximum of 5 minutes to their nearest charger (our Head of Marketplace agrees too). Donovan Tan from Interwell Group once again echoed the sentiment that planning your trips eases the fears of potential EV buyers.

EV weekend singapore 2021 understanding EVs panel

Sujay Ravikumar, Secretary at the Electric Vehicle Association of Singapore, also shared with us the statistic of the average Singaporean driver travelling 50km a day. With EVs now having ranges of 300km and above and more charging stations being deployed, Sujay agreed with Joe that all it takes is good planning.

Those 60,000 planned charging stations by the LTA by 2030 will definitely eliminate range anxiety in time to come!

Can my EV catch fire like the PMD?

Our very own Head of Marketplace at UCARS, Siew Leck Hung, also addressed the fear of EV batteries catching fire. He has a strong belief that management systems within these vehicles are sophisticated enough to manage them alongside their cooling systems. Of course, this also means charging your EV in the rain is no problemo.

ev weekend singapore 2021 understanding EVs panel

And that’s our wrap-up of some of the exciting takeaways from EV Weekend! Craving for more? Check out CarBuyer Singapore’s own recap of EV Weekend too.

Thank you to each and every one of you for joining us at EV Weekend. Whether you came down to Resorts World Sentosa, tuned in to our livestream, or even perused our virtual showrooms, we had a blast hosting you. If you want to know everything that was discussed and to hear more from the brands, stay tuned as we will be releasing video recaps. 

EV Weekend Singapore 2021

Take care, and we look forward to welcoming you at our next EV Weekend.

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