Bell Auto: Big Fleet Energy Of The West

You ring, they will answer! Bell Auto is the commercial vehicle specialist you can definitely rely on. They are also the first-ever commercial vehicle wholesaler in Tuas with expertise in various new and used big vehicles such as prime movers, crane trucks, 16-28 ton cargo trucks and other commercial vehicles like commercial vans, 10-24 feet trucks and even passenger buses. 

Conceptualised as a one-stop dealership, you can be sure that Bell Auto will take the bulk of the load from helping you plan the most cost-efficient commercial fleet to suit your business, to vehicle financing and insurance, as well as the processing of all necessary administrative paperwork.

Their insurmountable dedication to assist you in finding the right vehicle for you will ensure an easy and steadfast process. Whether you are looking for one new vehicle or planning to build an entire fleet, Bell Auto is dedicated to helping you secure the commercial vehicle solution you need.

“At Bell Auto, we believe in offering service with integrity, serving our customers to the best of our ability as we aim to build a one-stop hub for everyone’s commercial vehicle needs.” said KK Ong, Director, Bell Auto.

Building a new business could get hard. But fret not, Bell Auto has got the right solutions for you. Let them cater to your fleet needs hassle-free. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they only freshly opened their shutters back in 2018.

Bell Auto is armed with a team that possess at least 12 years of experience in this industry, they can assist you in finding out a cost-friendly and efficient fleet that caters to your business’ specific requirements. They say size doesn’t matter, so here at Bell Auto, they have a plethora of vehicles for you to choose from. So, if you require a commercial van or a 24-footer truck, you know they got your back.

Those numbers can give you a headache. Believe me, we have all been there. Thankfully, Bell Auto has an in-house financing service. With 100% in-house loans available at very competitive rates, plus many other finance solutions available, you can bet your bottom dollar they can strike up a suitable deal for your company. ?

Besides all that, Bell Auto also provides their customers with the flexibility on how they decide to sell their commercial vehicles. You can have the option of selling it yourself and just let Bell Auto handle the paperwork, direct owner sale and consignment, commercial vehicle deregistration and scraping and even choose to cash out immediately by selling it straight to them.  

Aside from their competitive pricing, cost-effective solutions and extended service in helping you sell your commercial vehicle, Bell Auto also boasts an incredibly efficient and fast support services. Their sales and admin team makes a world of difference and sets the bar high for the standard you and your company should be receiving. You could say Bell Auto’s teamwork will definitely make your dream work. 

To find out more about Bell Auto, visit their website or join the conversation on their social @belloautosg.

Bell Auto

Showroom: 8 Tuas Avenue 18 Singapore 638892

Business Hours: TBC

Contact Number: +65 6745 7076 

Email: [email protected]

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