Window Shop With UCARS: The Best SUVs For Under $30,000

Spaciousness and versatility are crucial when it comes to getting a vehicle for your family. Hence, you might be looking for affordable SUVs in the market – especially when COE prices are on the rise in Singapore. In order to get a bang for your buck, let us take you window shopping to find the best SUVs under $30,000 right here on our marketplace!

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The Journey is Dodge’s first attempt in making their own crossroad vehicle. Known as a fierce competitor of the Subaru Forester and the Honda CR-V, the Dodge Journey integrates a minivan-esque seating and cargo features to give passengers ample space for not only their items, but also themselves. This car excels in its features and safety, giving you the assurance that your loved ones are well protected in the vehicle at all times.

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Toyota Harrier UCARS


Have a peek at the Toyota Harrier, a 5-door SUV that is known for its reliability and loved by many for its functionality. This Harrier has been revamped with a Lexus facelift to give it a sleeker look that gives it a more luxurious look. All maintenance and servicing works are recorded and kept for you to ensure you are well acquainted with the car’s history. Also, due to its popularity, servicing and maintenance is a breeze as spare parts can be easily found. This has made the Harrier not only perfect for families, but also a car suited for Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) drivers.



Are you a fan of the Land Rover Discovery’s unique flat hatchback look, but working within a budget? This Honda Crossroad just might be the car for you! Inspired by the Discovery, the Crossroad is a 7-seater SUV that is designed to provide you a stylish yet spacious ride. Furthermore, it has been furnished with an Android Touchscreen Display and a sports rim to boot! Well-maintained and with warranty provided, this SUV is one that you should not miss out on.

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Suzuki Grand Harrier UCARS


Make way for greatness, for the Suzuki Grand Vitara is here to take off-road vehicles to a whole new level. Coined an “off-road athlete”, the Grand Vitara is trained to be responsive and excel in the most demanding situations. What is unique to the Grand Vitara is its side-swing door for its boot, which allows for ease of access and storage. Its soft and regularly-maintained seats provide you maximum comfort, suitable for long drives regardless of terrain.



There is no need to rush when having a look at the Toyota Rush. This 1.5L SUV has ample space and has a relatively higher seating position, giving you a higher viewpoint and more ease when entering or exiting the vehicle. Known for its good fuel economy, the Rush provides you with fuel savings while retaining the performance and comfort synonymous with Toyota.

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