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Embark On An Electric Future With The BYD e6

If there is one major trend to watch out for in the automotive industry, it would definitely be the rising popularity of electric vehicles. Claiming to be the most reliable car in the world, the BYD e6 is a zero-emission vehicle which fully charges in 1½ hours, allowing it to travel up to 400 kilometers on a single charge with its regenerative braking system.

Supporting Singapore in her effort to move into sustainable transportation, the BYD e6 makes a practical and convenient proposition for potential car buyers. Drivers will find it an absolute delight to own one, as it is an eco-friendly and comfortable car that will meet most transport needs.  

At first glance, the BYD e6 resembles the size and shape of a recently discontinued Toyota Prius V, only taller and somewhat wider. The BYD e6 is a form-follows-function hatchback that is surprisingly roomy inside, with ample space for second-row riders as well as their luggage. Interior furnishings are equally functional, with hard-wearing plastics designed to absorb hundreds of thousands of miles of use without betraying their age.

Out on the road, the BYD e6?s electric operation provided a familiar EV experience, with regenerative braking, multiple drive modes, and quick-off-the-line instant torque that helps the vehicle deal with the bulk imposed on its by its hardened construction and heavy, but stable, battery, whose lithium-iron-phosphate chemistry is capable of withstanding a huge number of charging cycles with no ill effects.

Priced at S$133,888* with Certificate of Entitlement, the BYD e6 is relatively inexpensive when compared to other mainstream electric cars, such as the Hyundai Kona EV (which starts from S$141,999), Kia Niro EV (S$141,999) or Nissan Leaf (S$154,800). However, the e6 is also a slower, heavier car, with a 121 horsepower motor that takes an estimated 14 seconds to launch it to 100km/h from standstill.

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Still, the BYD e6 not only has an adequate acceleration and calm comportment at highway speeds, but it also offers a smooth and silent ride, making it an ideal car for the everyday commuter.

Special thanks to Car for giving the team at UCARS an opportunity to get behind the wheel of the BYD e6 (Timo White).

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