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F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton’s Car Collection: Tasteful Or Tasteless?


Lewis Hamilton was so close to clinching his eighth World Championship title last night at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Despite losing out to rival Max Verstappen, he holds the joint record of seven Formula One World Drivers’ Championship titles and has an estimated net worth of 260 million pounds.

F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton's Car Collection: Tasteful Or Tasteless?

Obviously, his exotic selection of vehicles comes to no surprise, given his career choice. Amongst the cars owned, he splits them between garages in Monaco and Los Angeles. To celebrate Lewis’ fantastic achievements in the world of F1, we decided to take a look at his car collection.


F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton's Car Collection: Tasteful Or Tasteless?

Hamilton’s GT500 resembles one of the famous Eleanor models from the film Gone In 60 Seconds. This is thanks to a replica done by Oklahoma-based customization shop Classic Recreations to his ’67 Shelby GT500.

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McLaren P1

F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton's Car Collection: Tasteful Or Tasteless?

The Ultimate Series McLaren is reportedly based at his residence in Monaco, and he has often been spotted out and about in it. This is the other member of the famed ‘Hypercar Trinity’ in Hamilton’s collection. Lewis purchased the car not long after switching over to the Mercedes F1 team from McLaren – nostalgia, perhaps?

Fancy driving a two-seater sports car here? We covered another McLaren for you to read all about it here.

Mercedes-AMG GTR

F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton's Car Collection: Tasteful Or Tasteless?

The AMG GTR is one of Hamilton’s daily drives, and he once described it as his favourite Mercedes car, after the Formula One racecar. Now that the AMG GTR Pro version is out don’t be surprised if Hamilton trades in his AMG GTR for the new ‘King of the AMG pile.’

We took the liberty to review another AMG. And all we can say is that it feels like a fast road bike, at the very least. You can read all about it here.

Pagani Zonda 760 LH

F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton's Car Collection: Tasteful Or Tasteless?

Lewis sure loves limited edition cars, and the Zonda LH sits at the top of that pile. He splashed almost USD$2 million to acquire this naturally aspirated V12 Monster. That must be a loose change to the F1 racer with nearly USD$500 million estimated career earnings. Unfortunately, he crashed the Zonda a few years ago in Monaco, which he blamed on fatigue.

Mercedes-AMG G63 6X6


There is no shortage of variety in the Hamilton car collection, and this veritable 4-ton monster is proof of that. The G63 6X6 is, by some distance, the most extreme SUV ever created by the Mercedes brand. The massive vehicle has a road presence unlike any other. Maybe that’s why Hamilton went for it. That and the fact that it’s a limited-edition vehicle. Unlike Lewis, we weren’t any good with our multiplication table. Instead, here’s a 4X4.

Respect is hard-earned in F1, but Hamilton – now Sir Lewis Hamilton to be precise – has it from every one of his peers. Why? Because they know that whatever the track, whatever the conditions, whatever the situation when his visor goes down, and the lights go out, it’s Hammertime.

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