The History Of MYCAR: A Parallel Importer & Used Car Trader In Singapore

Have you been seeing Toyota Supras or customised Suzuki Jimnys in Singapore recently? Enter MYCAR – a Parallel Importer (PI) and used car trader based in Singapore. MYCAR is known for bringing in both functional and quirky cars from Japan and Europe for their customers, and stands to be one of the most trusted PIs in Singapore to date.

Today, we will be taking a look at the works of MYCAR over the years, and explore the exciting endeavours that MYCAR will be embarking on in the near future!

All In The Details

MYCAR first opened their doors to customers in 2015 at Midview City in Sing Ming Lane. Though relatively new, MYCAR had already set the standard of quality for other PIs in Singapore. Known for its attention to details, the company furnishes their customers with a cozy yet chic atmosphere in their showroom, and carefully chosen designs for their walls and ceilings that are reminiscent of minimalist Japanese interiors.

“As a lover of Japanese automobiles, I wanted to create a company that could share the detail-oriented and diversified Japanese car culture to Singaporeans,” Tan Wee Yong, Founder of MYCAR

Dedication To Diversity

MYCAR started out with importing cars that were functional and catered to families, such as the Toyota Vellfire and the Honda Vezel. Eventually, they expanded their services to selling used cars as a way to cater to a larger customer base who wanted more variety in their choice of cars.

Initially, the most “quirky” car they had was the Mazda MX5 (also known as the Mazda Roadster). It was an eye catching piece, and its popularity opened up an avenue for MYCAR to distinguish themselves from other PIs by bringing more fun and unconventional vehicles into Singapore.

MYCAR then gained exclusive access to the Suzuki Jimny Sierra, an off-road mini SUV that resembles a Jeep. The car was a hit with Singaporeans as it was not only affordable and fun, but functional too! MYCAR even goes the extra mile to provide customers with customisation and decal services for their Jimnys as an extra touch of personalisation for their car.

Another unconventional vehicle that MYCAR has started to offer in November 2019 is the Toyota Supra GR 3.0 Pro, which is a car that is definitely not for the faint of heart. This coupé showcased the road that MYCAR wanted to lead, by being a PI that dedicates efforts towards diversifying options in Singapore’s automotive marketplace.

Culture Of Care

In recent years, MYCAR has expanded its services to provide in-house warranty, loan & insurance services, as well as car leasing for customers with varying needs. However, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, MYCAR was able to exemplify their care towards their customers through their Care Project.

Known as “Kizuna”, the Japanese word meaning “bond”, the initiative was meant to support Frontline Medical Workers who were active in the fight against COVID-19. MYCAR provided heavily discounted rates for car rental to Frontline Medical Workers who needed to work around the clock and were required to commute daily. This culture of care was cultivated in a manner that was not only exemplified in their sincere customer service, but also in the services catered to their customers’ needs.

Today, MYCAR seeks to bring in more unique cars into the Singapore automotive marketplace and establish a culture of care and sincerity within PIs in Singapore. To find out more about MYCAR, visit their website or book an appointment via their Facebook at @mycarsg.


Address: 61 Ubi Avenue 2, #01-08 Automobile Megamart (AML) Singapore 408898

Business Hours: Mondays to Sundays, 10:00am to 7:00pm

Contact Number: +65 6570 0007

Email: [email protected]

All images courtesy of MYCAR.

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