Inchcape Pre-Owned: The Benefits Of Buying CPO Cars

The scent of a new car might be appealing – However, is it worth a splurge for satisfaction and bragging rights of being the first owner of your next car? Even though the idea of owning a new car seems alluring, more often than so, getting a certified pre-owned car at Inchcape Pre-owned is still a much better choice. After all, their fleet of quality and well-maintained CPO cars guarantees to meet your transportation needs without causing a dent in your savings. 

“In other words, our certified pre-owned cars offer most of what customers would expect to get with a new car, including that new car smell, but at a lower price tag.” said Jeremy Soh, Director, Inchcape Pre-owned.

Ultimately, one should not focus on the appearance or model of the car alone, affordability, fuel efficiency and practicality are key factors that should be taken into account during the decision-making process as well. Besides, there are numerous other benefits of purchasing a pre-owned car too.

Interested in getting a pre-owned car from a premium dealership? Look no further, we got you covered! 

You Don’t Take a Huge Depreciation Hit

Depreciation is the highest cost associated with car ownership. It indicates the true figure of owning and operating a car on an annual basis, in addition to the costs of petrol and maintenance. During the first few years of ownership, much of the car’s value is lost with less depreciation occurring later in its life. But, when you purchase a CPO car at Inchcape Pre-owned, the previous owners absorbs the massive depreciation hit, giving you a much lower-priced car that will depreciate more slowly as it ages.

Also, since the value of a CPO car is significantly lesser than a new model, you pay less for the insurance too.

Only Vehicles in the Best Condition Qualify

Inchcape Pre-owned practices a rigorous inspection process that encompasses a total of 160 inspection points, so customers can rest assured that only the best will make the cut. Their dealership only accepts gently used cars that are typically just a few years old with low miles and no history of major accidents. Hence, if a car does not meet their checklist, it will not obtain certification.

Peace Of Mind

With their relentless commitment to delivering certified used cars beyond par excellence, synonymous with dependability, durability and reliability, customers can have a total peace of mind throughout their entire purchase experience. If that isn’t convincing enough, Inchcape Pre-owned’s sterling reputation is a true testament on how they have continuously led our automotive industry in areas of reliability, security and support.

Low-Interest Financing

In general, CPO cars are more expensive than similar models that have not been certified, but these cars are still eligible for lower finance rates, often equal to the loans offered on new cars. For customers who are financing their CPO cars at Inchcape Pre-owned, their low-interest rates effectively lower the monthly payment, helping to ameliorate the effect of the higher asking price on the household budget.

Extended Warranty Protection

At Inchcape Pre-owned, their cars are covered with a warranty that extends beyond the original factory warranty. Their warranty includes the same features as a new-car warranty, such as roadside assistance, gearbox and engine.

To ring in the new year, Inchcape Pre-Owned is gifting all customers complimentary service credits worth $388 (CAT A) and $688 (CAT B) respectively at their PIT&GO workshop with every CPO car purchased. This offer is available for a limited time only, so don’t hesitate and act now!

On top of that, Inchcape Pre-owned is a holistic service provider that specializes in en-suite financing, car insurance, aftersales and inventory consignment options.   

  • Financing – Inchcape Pre-owned provides competitive rates and flexible loan plans for your purchases through all major banks, financial institutes or their in-house loans of your choice.
  • Insurance – Inchcape Pre-owned works with all major insurance companies to cater to coverage of your needs and requirements.
  • Aftersales – Supported by the Toyota Group of companies, PIT&GO is a professional car service and maintenance workshop that provide customers with an accurate diagnosis and efficient repair of vehicular issues by experienced and well-trained mechanics using cutting-edge equipment and technology. 
  • Extended Warranty Programme – Their Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) warranty program is underwritten by ECICS insurance and distributed by PCMI Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd, a member of Phillips Capital and China Merchant Group.     

To find out more about Inchcape Pre-Owned, visit their website at or join the conversation on their social @inchcapepreowned.

Inchcape Pre-Owned

Showroom: Inchcape Pre-Owned, 2 Pandan Crescent, Inchcape Centre, Singapore 128462

Business Hours: 9:00am to 6:00pm (Weekdays) | 9:00am to 7:00pm (Sat) | 10:00am to 6:00pm (Sun)

Contact Number: +65 6303 6303 | 9102 2999

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