Only The Best Makes The Cut At Inchcape Pre-Owned

In 2018, Inchcape Pre-Owned formed as a joint effort between long-standing Toyota representative Inchcape Singapore and established automotive solutions provider Otopac Motors. The brand launched with the goal of providing customers with even more automotive selections, services, and solutions.

With a brand commitment to quality, reliability and durability, customers can expect only the finest range of vehicles from Inchcape Pre-owned. Their fleet includes their flagship brands Toyota and Lexus as well as a wide variety of other models to cater to every customer’s specific needs and preferences.

Reliability You Expect From Inchcape

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Inchcape Pre-Owned focuses on maintaining the reliability synonymous with Inchcape, while giving customers a wide selection of cars and automotive services to fit their budget and needs.

Durability & Quality Assurance You Can Trust

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One concern many may have when it comes to second-hand cars is durability. Inchcape Pre-Owned prioritises the quality of consigned cars and ensures that every vehicle put up for sale is just as good as new – even up to its scent! Whether it is the exterior or interior condition, each car with Inchcape Pre-owned adheres to stringent quality standards.

Inchcape Pre-Owned is committed to providing customers only the finest.  All Inchcape Certified cars undergo a rigorous 160-point quality assurance inspection. Every minute detail is assessed, assuring that only the highest quality cars make it to their fleet. Only cars in pristine condition with no history of major accidents, low miles, and are less than 5 years old will make the cut to be officially certified.

Succeeding Through Transparency

Another concern that many consumers have over the years are the potential tampering of mileage by sellers to hide the actual condition of their car. However, Inchcape Pre-Owned has always prides itself in being transparent with the condition of its consigned pre-owned cars, as building trust with customers is a long-term goal that Inchcape wishes to achieve.

Quality Engineering

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With the support of various Japanese subsidiaries of Toyota Group, Inchcape Pre-Owned uses advanced technologies at the leading automotive service stop PIT&GO to conduct rigorous inspections on every second-hand car. Customers are sure to enjoy the quality assurance brought about by technologies from Japan with any car purchased from Inchcape Pre-Owned.

Furthermore, Inchcape’s team of professional sales executives are sure to guide you through the process to get the right car for your needs, all seven days of the week.

PIT&GO Singapore

Along with advanced technologies comes quality engineering work by the team at PIT&GO. Inchcape engineers and mechanics are provided the best possible mechanic training via specialty manufacturers such as Denso from Japan to maintain the high standards of servicing, repairs and diagnosis for every car that is brought into Inchcape Pre-Owned Singapore before they are ready for a new owner.

Peace Of Mind Guaranteed

Inchcape Pre-Owned Singapore

To top it off, Inchcape Pre-Owned has a 24-hour hotline for roadside assistance, and offers a Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) extended warranty service for as low at $0.66 per day to cover any unexpected breakdowns that your car might face. 

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As Singapore enters the second phase of reopening, customers can visit Inchcape Pre-Owned’s new and revitalised showroom at Leng Kee any day of the week at their own convenience. To find out more about Inchcape Pre-Owned, visit their website or join the conversation on their Facebook page.

Inchcape Pre-Owned

Showroom: 7 Chang Charn Rd, Singapore 159636

Business Hours: 9:00am to 6:00pm (Weekdays) | 9:00am to 7:00pm (Sat) | 10:00am to 6:00pm (Sun)

Contact Number: +65 6303 6303 | 9102 2999

Email: [email protected]

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