Mini Launches AR Instagram Filters

SINGAPORE – Mini has launched a series of filters on Instagram titled ‘Futurevisions’ using augmented reality (AR). These AR filters will be launched weekly beginning this Friday, 29 October 2021. 

From cultured meat, to pioneering uses of fungi and algae, Futurevisions showcases unique innovations that could revolutionize how we live. With the three filter options, users can explore a room made of mushroom, take a selfie as their room lights up with algae, or watch how cultured meat can grow and end up on their dinner plate.


Mini targets to be fully electric by 2030. Hoping to establish themselves as an ‘E-Brand’. Fans can also watch informative bite-sized videos, created in collaboration with green start-ups Bewilder and Shiok Meats on Mini’s Instagram account.

Have a go with Futurevisions on Mini’s Instagram @mini_sg for more information on the new AR filters and latest videos.

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