Mitsuoka: A Low Volume, High Quality Automaker

If you are one of the lucky few who have had a glimpse of a Mitsuoka on the roads, you are sure to have its one-of-a-kind design etched in your mind. Wherever you are in the world, these eclectic and luxury-esque cars are a rare beauty to come by.

A one-in-seven-million sight to behold. Image Source: Mitsuoka Motor

This isn’t purely by chance though. In the past 27 years, Mitsuoka has produced a grand total of 12 000 units. Compare this to other Japanese carmakers like Honda clocking in a production count of 5.1 million units in the past year worldwide, or luxury carmakers such as Porsche producing over 270 000 units in 2019 alone.

In 2018, the elusive automaker has even announced plans to build only 200 units of the newest Rock Star model over the course of three years.

Why does Mitsuoka choose to be a low volume automotive producer?

Quality Over Quantity

Quality craftsmanship is of highest priority at Mitsuoka Motor. Image Source: Mitsuoka Motor

Mitsuoka is not out to dominate the Japanese automotive market. Rather, the company was started by founder Susumu Mitsuoka to create intricately crafted cars customised to the needs of each customer, and revolutionise the way people view Japanese cars.

“We depend heavily on individual craftsmanship. It’s our big headache securing the right people over the long term. I must admit we have low productivity. I believe the more time we spend, the better product we can make.” – Akio Mitsuoka, President of Mitsuoka Motor

While the bulk of the automotive industry focuses on automating production, Mitsuoka is committed to crafting each car by hand at every step of the production process. Getting the right individuals that have the craftsmanship to create a well-produced car is not easy – but it is worth the search when the final product is of impeccable quality.

Maintaining Close Relationships With Customers

The company is also known for its loyal fans. Time and time again, customers always come back for more. Mitsuoka not only retains fans for their affordability and craftsmanship, but also for the quality of customer service that surpasses customers’ expectations.

Additionally, having a smaller customer base due to its low production volume allows Mitsuoka to provide more personalised customer service tailored to their specific needs. Whether it is a design preference or adjustments to the materials, Mitsuoka is always ready to respond to the queries and needs of their customers.

The 2019 Mitsuoka Motor Meeting brings Mitsuoka owners from all over the world to its original factory in Toyama, Japan. Image Source: Mitsuoka Motor 

Mitsuoka has been actively hosting Mitsuoka Meetings at its factory in Toyama Japan. Owners are bound by their strong love towards the company, where everyone is family. They even have an official portal dedicated to owners, by owners. 

Importance of Individuality

The company recognises that individuality not only stems from unique designs, but also from (low) quantities. 

Same, but different. Image Source: Mitsuoka Motor 

Every model launched by Mitsuoka has since been highly anticipated by new and returning customers alike, as no two models look alike. With limited quantities, the style of each car is more unique to those who spot them, and even more reflective of the individuality of those who own them.

The appeal of Mitsuoka is embedded in each car’s rarity and immaculate craftsmanship. By keeping quantities low and quality high, the personality of each Mitsuoka shines through even more.

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