The Pros And Cons Of Travelling By Car

Before you decide to get a car in Singapore, you may have some questions about the advantages (and disadvantages) of travelling by car. After all, time is money, and money is money – it is important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether to commit to purchasing a car.

Here, we uncover the costs and benefits of commuting by car in Singapore.

Let us first look at the possible benefits of travelling by car!

The Pros

Get To Ulu Destinations Easily

While Singapore is a small country, there are still inaccessible places that require a lot of walking under the blistering sun if you decide to travel by public transport. For instance, getting to Seletar Aerospace or Changi Beach Club via public transport may take you as far as the main road, which is about a 15-minute walk away from your destination. Travelling by car helps you to skip the walking, while allowing you to enjoy the air-conditioner!

Avoid Squeezing With Crowds

Image Source: TODAY Online

When commuting in Singapore, especially during peak hours, public transport can get extremely crowded. It does not help, either, that you would have to miss the train (several times even!) due to the sheer amount of people waiting in line to board the train home. Commuting by car allows you to have your personal space when you just want to head home and rest after a busy day, and if you dislike having to stand around throughout your journey home, cars are definitely an option for you.

Always Having Your Belongings With You

You (almost) never have to worry about forgetting to bring your portable charger or your documents along with you ever again. Cars can double up as a storage for your belongings, so you can keep your essential (and non-essential) items in the car and set off immediately the next time you head out. Plus, there is no need to put your bags down while travelling when you can put them in the car boot.

Travel With Children Considerately And Safely

Image Source: HoneyKids Asia

We know how playful and loud children can get when they are excited or moody, and it can be disruptive to not only you, but other commuters on public transport. Furthermore, travelling with a child stroller often makes you take a longer route when crossing roads. However, travelling by car not only lessens your worry of your kids running off on their own, but also allows you to be more socially responsible towards other commuters that are likely just in need of some peace and quiet after a tiring day.

Freedom To Detour Easily

“I need to make a quick stop to pick up something before heading home.”

“There’s no dinner at home? Got to settle dinner on my own then…”

Ever had these happen to you? Oftentimes, it means having to make a big detour by getting off the next stop, crossing over, and making a long trip down the way you came from. Having a car allows you to find shortcuts and make your last-minute stops along the way without having to take the long way around.

As much as travelling with a car has its advantages, there are some disadvantages that you might want to consider when making your decision.

The Cons

Traffic Congestion

Image Source: The Straits Times

As with peak hours on public transport, there is also peak hour on the roads that can cause other types of discomforts – Crawling. Traffic. It is not a pleasant feeling to sit in your car and travel at speeds of 5 kph. This can be very frustrating for the folks who have very little patience and dislike idling.

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Full Concentration Mode: On

While taking public transport allows you to unwind and read a book or scroll through your Instagram feed while travelling, you absolutely CANNOT do these when you are driving. Your eyes will always have to be peeled on the road, and navigation is not exactly the easiest thing to do when you are a new driver.

Extra Costs

Depending on how frequently you drive, fuel in Singapore may not be the most wallet-friendly expenses that you need to pay for. Not forgetting that when you head out shopping or for a meal, hourly parking fees are also incurred. Double the damage to your monthly expenses indeed.

Environmental Concerns

As we know, cars emit carbon monoxide (CO) and other harmful pollutants into the atmosphere, which leads to worsened air quality in Singapore. Having more cars on the road means contributing to the poorer air that we breathe in daily. The long-time effects of poorer air quality could lead to respiratory problems in young and old alike, as well as increased global warming that perpetuates the heat in Singapore.

However, with the shift towards Electric Vehicles in Singapore in the Budget 2020 Speech, concerns about environmental degradation and air quality may no longer be a worry for drivers.

Whether it is a fuel-efficient car or an environmentally-friendly electric vehicle, UCARS has a selection of quality cars that suit your needs best.

Commuting in Singapore should be made easy, safe, and enjoyable for everyone – we hope to provide you with the most up-to-date updates and analysis for you to make an informed decision when deciding on your next purchase. Check out our blog for more informative content!

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