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Singaporean Property Agent Goes From Petrol To Electric

SINGAPORE – This property agent decided to switch to the electric side, becoming one of the first owners of the BMW iX3 here in the country. The environmental-friendly-canine-lover shares his thoughts on his new purchase and why it isn’t for those living in HDBs.


A Property Agent's Bold Decision To Ditch Petrol For Electric

Mr Christopher Quek is a property agent who also runs Wheels For Fun, a company that organises driving programmes for customers in his free time.

When asked about his previous car, Mr Quek shared, “I purchased my first BMW car, the BMW 216i Gran Tourer, two years ago. When I heard about the BMW iX3, it immediately caught my attention and I traded in my Gran Tourer. The iX3 is my first electric car and I love it.” 

Going Green

A Property Agent's Bold Decision To Ditch Petrol For Electric

With a charging station now installed during the remodelling of his house, it was Mr Quek’s long-term plan of owning an electric vehicle. He added, “if you’re living in a high-rise property that doesn’t have easy access to charging yet, you might want to wait for one. The incentives now make it very worthwhile to go electric.” Wise words from the property agent. No wonder he relies on such for making a living.

Is the 400km range a myth?

A Property Agent's Bold Decision To Ditch Petrol For Electric

Considering the decent 400km of range the iX3 offers, Mr Quek said, “On average, we cover about 100 km a day. I use the car to run errands and drive to house viewings all around Singapore with my clients. My wife mainly uses it to go to the gym, golf, or to do yoga.”

Charging-wise, Mr Quek uses an AC charger powered by Greenlots for his car. The property agent-dog-lover did say that he charges his car every three to four days. Now that’s pretty decent. Good job, BMW!


Was it worth the switch?

A Property Agent's Bold Decision To Ditch Petrol For Electric

The iX3 made headlines at launch as the least-expensive X3 in Singapore. Not only is the iX3 cheaper than its petrol versions, but it’s also the least expensive luxury midsized BEV around. Mr Quek can vouch for that,  “I have a lower interest rate for financing and insurance cost is lower too. The fact that the iX3 is cheaper to purchase than the petrol version of the X3 just makes a lot of sense.”

Not a fan of the early electric cars, Mr Quek, was surprised at the iX3’s handling during his test drive. “I was not a fan of the early electric cars as the one-pedal operation was not as smooth an experience as I would like it. So, when I test drove the iX3, I was very surprised at how well it handled.”

He also added, “I love the fact that the car is so quiet.” However, what’s not quiet is the talk around his estate. “The iX3 has attracted a lot of attention from my neighbours. They know it’s an electric vehicle because of the blue tinges, and they are curious.”

We are also curious if you’re convinced enough to make the switch to electric vehicles. If you’re interested to know more about the BMW iX3, check out CarBuyer’s review here. Maybe the article might shock you enough to make the switch to the electric side.

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